Letter to the Editor - Another disgruntled Jehver's Witness

by Elsewhere 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • willyloman

    Seeker: Another answer to your earlier question (different thread) about how smart dubs are!

  • LovesDubs

    I remember as a JW reading and hearing on the radio anti JW rhetoric and the HAIR standing up on the back of my neck with ANGER!!! How DARE THEY!! And of course we werent supposed to be listening or watching those things but "how do we make a reply in public if we dont hear?" we reasoned.

    The JW wave their hands over the top of all ANTI JW thinking and dismiss it as from liars, Satan, Apostates, disgruntled this that or the other thing because thats what they were taught to do. Dont prove that you are RIGHT...just cast disparaging remarks at the MESSENGER. Thats their tactic.

    And oh by the way...how do they know that apostates "spend hours on the internet" if they arent also doing that? :)


  • MinisterAmos

    And still the JW apologists continue to claim that JW's aren't awaiting the firey and painful destruction of all non-Dubs with secret glee.

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