Questions they ask when I crossed the Canada US border

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  • Outaservice

    Two years ago I was coming back into the US from Canada. What is your citizenship? USA. Do you have anything to 'declare'? Yes, I'd like to declare 'bankruptcy'!

    I'm still in Canada!


  • outoftheorg

    Border patrol agents are trained to cause a person some discomfort or some confusion by asking the right question and watching for slight emotional reactions.

    These reactions can be displayed by facial or speech signs and many others.

    A good example is my father. He was born in Norway and came to the USA at the age of 13.

    He grew up in Chicago and was in the US navy for some time, then moved to Portland Oregon.

    He was about 70 yrs. old when my brother talked him into taking a trip into Mexico.

    On the return to the US he was asked where he was born. For some reason my dad said Portland Oregon instead of Norway.

    The agent quickly said get out of the car and come into the office. When they got into the office the agent said only," Why Did You Lie To Me" and nothing else.

    My dad had sense enough not to argue. He said because if I said Norway we would be in this office for a long time.

    He showed the agent his military service/medical cards and was released. He asked the agent how he knew and he said he could see and feel your fear.

    My dad would never even consider another trip to Mexico or any where else out of the country.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    He asked the agent how he knew and he said he could see and feel your fear.

    Interesting. There was an article in the newspaper on how the really good agents "sense" people rather than pay attention to their answers. The Israeli agents (airline) are masters at ferreting out peoples emotions.

  • Mary
    Then his final question was, do you have any explosives in your car..........imagine if i would have said yes just for a joke....

    You wouldn't be sitting here typing on JWD, that's for sure. You'd most likely have your ass flung into an American prison for a bit, just to teach y'all a lesson. I never joke with the guys at the border when I'm going into the States. I don't think they have any sense of humour but since 9-11, I can understand that they've got a tough job to do and they don't like anyone joking about having an explosive in the car. That kind of comment could easily get you shot.

    The most I've ever been asked is:

    Citizenship? (Canadian)

    Where are you going? (Shopping)

    Have a nice day.

  • Gerard
    The first question he asked me was, what's your nationality.....

    Actually, border guards are supposed to ask 'In which country were you born?' before asking your citizenship.

  • daniel-p
    Then his final question was, do you have any explosives in your car..........imagine if i would have said yes just for a joke....

    You didn't tell them about your explosive diahrea from your lunch at El Taco Loco?

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I drove into Canada about 3 years ago from Seattle, OMG they asked me why I was going to Canada, how much money do I have, how long did I plan on staying there, where was I going, do I know anyone in Canada, did I have any weapons or drugs in my car, then they made me pull over and go inside the office so an officer can talk to me. They told me next time to bring my birth certificate or passport. I was like Damn I don't want to go to Stupid Canada anymore!!!!

    I didn't know we had a cold war with Canada!

    but after that I had a blast it was fun

  • Simon
    Then his final question was, do you have any explosives in your car..........

    Fuel is explosive isn't it? (or else how does your vehicle move!)

    Having experienced the humour+intelligence-bypassed guards on the Canadian / US border I can believe they would ask a dumb question like that.

    Do they believe that a terrorist would say "yes, damn ... I can't lie" ?!

    Asking is irrelevant ... they should check!

  • Simon
    I guess a white guy driving an economy car with a couple Hispanic passengers must have looked suspicious!

    We got stopped ... must be the typical terrorist profile - white male, wife, 2 kids, father and nephew. Sooooo suspicious, esp. those UK and Canadian passports.

    I had to walk back to Canada to get money changed (and the US side kept my passport). The Canadians didn't bother and were very helpful.

    Is the aim of US border control to create hostility to the country you are just arriving at?


  • sammielee24

    The very first time I crossed the border into the USA from Canada, I was in a station wagon with my husband, sister and her husband. You could see in every window - nothing hidden - open access and viewing. The guard approached our vehicle and stuck his head in - looked around and said to my bil who was driving - where are you from? Toronto - he answered. Next he looked at my husband and asked - where were you born? Ontario he said. The guard raised his voice 5 times its previous level and said again - where were you born? We looked at him like he was crazy, not sure what he wanted us to say - so hubs this time said Toronto. By this time the guard was frothing at the mouth - he was angry, very angry - and we hadn't done a thing. He demanded all our drivers licences which was fine. He had them for about 10 minutes and then he looked at me and said - why are you going to the US? I told him we were visiting Niagra Falls and wanted to check out the shops in the USA. He gave me a scowl - and in the next instant he stuck his head at the drivers said and screamed at us. NEXT TIME YOU'RE ASKED WHERE YOU ARE FROM - YOU ANSWER. THIS IS NOT A GAME. REMEMBER THAT......I refused to drive into the USA after that for a very long time. We spent about 2 hours shopping in the USA and returned to Canada, feeling like some sort of criminal for just doing that. This was years before 9/11 - years! Anyone that is from Canada, often just gives their province when asked where they were from or where they were born - we didn't understand he wanted actual villages etc when he asked - we would have complied if he had explained that. sammieswife.

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