Will You React With Prejudice?

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    Jamaican JW

    Will You React With Prejudice When Faced With "Absolute Truth?" Sometimes, an irrefutable "truth" can be spoken. And yet, this statement or fact of "truth" can be glossed over or dismissed or not recognized by the community at large, because of preconceived ideas taught us and engrained in us, from our previous upbringing or training. In other words, we dismiss these "facts" and show ourselves to be prejudiced against genuine truth, prejudiced againse even Absolute Truth from God. In many ways, this was the reaction that Jesus faced, when he brought Godly Truth to the Jewish Nation of his time. He faced prejudice, against Absolute Truth. Sometimes, when we first encounter an Absolute, irrefutable fact or "truth" (which incidentally always finds its source in God Almighty) that contradicts our former way of life or previously held "iron-clad" predilections and beliefs, we immediately experience what more and more internet savvy Jehovah's witnesses are beginning to experience today -- "Cognitive dissonance." Actually, the term Cognitive dissonance has been described as being anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or incompatible attitudes, beliefs, or the like, as when one likes a person but disapproves of one of his or her habits." -- Random House Webster's College Dictionary 1991 Edition

    In others words, cognitive dissonance is a state wherein a person holds 2 proven or factual viewpoints or ideas that amazingly seem to be at variance or total opposition to one another producing great confusion and internal conflict within the person. In such a state, the person lacks clear understanding of the situation, and cannot map out a clear, definitive course of action for himself. Such is the case for 6 million Jehovah's witnesses today, as more and more of them find out the very people in whom they felt they could trust most, yes those individuals who they perceive actually taught them genuine Godly "Truth" about the bible itself and introduced them to the God we know as "Jehovah," have now all of a sudden been caught and exposed to be involved in outright wickedness (like the October 2001 United Nations NGO Debacle of the Governing Body or the hidden Child Abuse epidemic among so many congregations, etc.) exactly in the fashion Jesus predicted the brazenly wicked would be exposed. (Luke 8:17; 2 Corinthians 4:2)

    Indeed...what a dilemma to find oneself, in these "last days" of our time! However, this is only the beginning for Jehovah's witnesses and even all the rest of the "christian" world. You see, what lies ahead for all believers in God Holy Word is another great shock and dilemma...a revelation of even grander proportions than what's mentioned above. It will be the revealing of an Absolute Truth, that will literally shock the world and produce a genuine Paradigm Shift of such a magnitude that in later time, it will be compared with the epiphany of mankind finding out the earth was round instead of being flat...yes, a revelation of that magnitude. BUT YOU MAY BE SAYING: WHAT TYPE OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH COULD PRODUCE A PARADIGM SHIFT THAT BIG? To set the stage for the introduction of such earth-shaking information. We have to go back in time. Actually, if we could trace the whole scenario back to how such a situation could develop for mankind, we have to go back to the beginning, when sin was first introduced to mankind, in the Garden of Eden, we would be able to see exactly where the first big mistake in interpretation of bible prophecy took place, which has produced so much "cognitive dissonance" among God's Name People today. Let's examine that special prophetic statement again.

    At Genesis 3:15 speaking to the newfound "rebel" Satan, Jehovah Himself uttered the first prophetic statement or promise of Holy Scripture. He stated, for the benefit of all wayward descendants of Adam and Eve who was to be shortly cast out of the Garden or God's First Kingdom Government Arrangement upon earth, the following:

    "And I shall put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. He will bruise you in the head and you will bruise him in the heel."

    First off we notice, Jehovah sets great "enmity" between Satan and the "woman," as well as putting tremendous "enmity" between the 2 "seeds" produced from both (a) Satan and (b) the "woman" herself. Now this seems like such a simple statement, doesn't it? But, ohhhh...it is NOT so easy to understand itself...yes even for the last 6,000 years in fact. It became an amazing mystery of God!

    However, the hidden truth or mysterious aspect of this prophetic drama, that has eluded so many for so many years, is the following:

    The "woman" referred to is in fact "Eve" herself. And the "seed" of the "woman" referred to in this prophetic drama, is in fact a FLESHLY DESCENDANT OF THE "WOMAN" [EVE] ... correct? Were you aware of this?

    Obviously, the Watchtower Society is not aware of this fact. No, they do not understand this Grand Sacred Secret itself. No, but we remember ever so clearly they teach the actual "seed" of the "woman," is Jesus Christ, with the "woman" being God's Heavenly Organization. Isn't that true? (See Watchtower November 1, 1983 page 3.) Of course, the problem with that explanation is this: If that were true, wouldn't that make Jesus a "descendant" of God's Heavenly "Woman" Organization made up of myriads and myriads of heavenly angels, is that not true? Which means Jesus Christ would have been produced in some fashion or form, by God's Heavenly Organization of angels...a supposition that quite frankly directly contradicts the facts themselves, as the bible makes quite clear, yes Jesus PRODUCED or brought forth the angelic creation themselves. So then, the opposite would be true. Jesus produced the heavenly angelic creation, not the other way around. Think about it. -- See Colossians 1:15-17 .

    However, a "voice" today, if for the first time pointing forward to a more logical conclusion on this matter, by saying God's Own Word reveals the hitherfore irrefutable, profound "absolute truth" that Jesus Christ himself is actually, NOT...not the "seed" of the "woman" referred in the Garden of Eden, nor is he a direct descendant of this "woman" in question either, the "woman" Eve -- the "woman" Jehovah was originally referring to. And indeed, yes that is where the whole problem begins...at this very point. This is an irrefutable, shocking truth.

    Here is a simple illustration that can reveal the problem in a "nutshell."

    Most "christian" bible students will admit the following...2 major points:

    • (1) Jesus Christ is a descendant of King David.

    Also, they will tell you:
    • (2) Jesus christ is a descendant of Abraham.

    This, they all readily admit to you and show you that this all fulfills the biblical requirements of the Messiah of God. However, if you ask them the following:
    • (3) Is Jesus Christ a descendant of the "woman" Eve?
    What happens? Why, yes...they experience "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE," they are immediately confused. And this is because they have been taught wrong on this most important subject.

    PLEASE CONSIDER: If Jesus Christ was a direct descendant or fleshly descendant of King David, and also of the faithful man Abraham, as required by God's Own Prophetic Word, then wouldn't that make him a DIRECT DESCENDANT of EVE also, yes the "mother of everyone living," as her name actually means? Think about it. -- Genesis 3:20

    Yes, David himself actually came from the sinner Eve...right? And also Abraham was a direct descendant of the sinner Eve...right? Therefore, how can we say that a perfect man, Jesus...one who was above sin in fact -- how can we say that Jesus came from Adam and Eve? Can we say this?

    Actually, we cannot...and that is where the "cognitive dissonance" begins...right at the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, with God's first prophetic promise. Logically, we have to say, any descendant of Eve, would have to be a sinner, isn't that right? And God's Word clearly states, the "heir" of the kingdom would actually come from the "loins"...yes the very "loins" of King David, did it not? -- Acts 2:30 ** (See footnote below.) So then, how could one explain such a baffling matter itself?
    (End of Part I.) Jamaican JW
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    So then, how could one explain such a baffling matter itself?

    That the Adam and Eve story is a mythological re-telling of the origin of humankind.

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    Hi Jamaican JW, and welcome to the forum.

    One thing you need to know - the majority of posters on here are ex jehovahs witnesses, and many of us have little regard for the bible.

    Just thought I'd let you know

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    Welcome Jamaican JW!

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    You lost me when you put "absolute truth" and "God" in the same sentence.

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    Big Tex

    Sense stress and modulation ... G

    Suitable volume ... G

    Scriptures effectively introduced ... G

    Practical value made clear ... W

    Timing ... W

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    LOL at Big Tex. Very nice.

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    ju only believe in science!

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    Sense stress and modulation ... G

    Suitable volume ... G

    Scriptures effectively introduced ... G

    Practical value made clear ... W

    Timing ... W

    I can tell you're from the old school - way back (not that far back) when the TMS actually resembled a school. Nowadays, it's just "Johnny, I loved how you held your Bible up with your hand - very good posture... everyone notice that? We can all learn from Johnny's fine example in posture behind the podium...."

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    Welcome Jamaican JW!

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