Hiding from the reality

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  • KW13
    I proved both things to myself rather easily, and then it was just a matter of getting out - which took incredible courage, as it involved losing essentially all of my friends.

    a brave step, but ultimately worth it

  • earthtone

    I remember being excited to know that this system would end before this "generation" passed away. So when they change the meaning from it being a literal generation. I was ticked off. Like how did you get that wrong?! How? So I started doubting then. Plus I didn't understand how they would encourage people to not pursue higher education.

  • Honesty

    No, I never doubted it was the truth until I couldn't understand the ex's aversion to discussing 1914/607 BCE after we saw a bilboard that read...

    607 BCE?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Dummy that I am, I swallowed their spiel hook, line and sinker, even though I had questions they could never answer. Even though I knew positively that they were NOT God's people by the time I made my exodus, I didn't realize what a bunch of crapola ALL of it is until I got online and was helped by websites such as THIS one. Then I really was set free from the lies.

  • okie46

    I really didn't have many doubts for a long time. I had so many problems following all the guidelines, recommendations, requests and feeling that I was never good enough because it just wore me out trying to be a JW. I think the borg wants you to be worn out from so many activities so that you won't have the mental resources to question them. After I started researching online the actual history of the WTS, I realized the truth about their hypocrisy. I realized that I wasn't a bad person and a failure anymore because I wasn't an exemplary witness. Of course, now I have tremendous doubts about them, and even though I left the borg, I still have days when I am afraid that maybe what they say is still true and that I have made an awful mistake and will be destroyed at the big "A". This is something I am still struggling with, I am struggling to believe in God, in Jesus, in religion itself. I don't know what to believe, I don't know what version of bible is best to read, which one is most accurate?? I always used NWT, never even read another version. Guess I am still trying to find what is true. I want to find something to believe in again, but not sure what that is.

  • Twitch

    I didn't begin to doubt it until I hit my teens. Just didn't seem right. Instincts said leave. So I did.

  • SirNose586

    Before a few months ago, the only time I would really wonder if I had the truth was when I'd examine the "new light" on things. I used to tuck those thoughts away with a dismissive, "Well, it still comes from a group of people who get divine inspiration." Then I read 1984 and the connection became clearer. Then I found out that a small group of men figure it all out. Thus began the education of Little Tree.

  • Swan

    Yes, starting in my teens I had doubts. And then I felt guilty about those doubts, so I tried to ignore them. I studied even harder. This brought even more questions and doubts to mind. Eventually I left, but even with all those doubts, I still thought there was a chance they might be right! Isn't that pathetic?


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