would it have been different if we knew why?

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  • rebel8

    OP is either from a different region than I was from, or a totally different generation.

    a) They used to read a scripture describing the person's sin. They had some legal risk for this so they stopped. It was not better for anyone--the df person (probably often falsely convicted) got their reputation destroyed, and the congregation used it to do further damage to the reputation.

    b) We always knew anyways because the elders' wives always told.

    How 'bout this ? The whole IDEA of disfellowshipping is wrong in the first place.


    Formally announcing it, saying, "Sister Slut fornicated with Brother Jones" would just have made it all worse. Why...

  • stuckinarut2

    You are all forgetting one MAJOR thing that occurs!...

    While they may never OFFICIALLY announce the reason, they do indeed very "ACCIDENTALLY" allow the GOSSIP mill to spread stories around about the reasons!

    EVERY DF account I know of ...and I mean EVERY case....I heard EXACTLY what is was about through he gossip chain of sisters / elders etc....


  • brandnew

    I was df'd for marrying my ex wife......i would take her to meetings as my sisters study, and everyone loved her. My ex wife was not a jw , or had plans on being one, but we loved eachother and got married one day.

    Once we got married, i got df'd.....now the answer to your question.;; everyone loved this woman before we got married

    If they were to announce the reason for me getting df'd, how would people take that? A nice guy getting married to a nice girl.....That announcement mighta backfired on making me look bad. But keeping it secret, makes me really look bad.

  • millie210

    I know we all THINK the reason they quit announcing why people got DFd was for legal reasons but is it?

    I was talking to a Seventh Day Adventist the other day and they do a version of DF only they give the reason.

    So if it is such a legal landmine why would an even bigger religion than the JWs do it?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @ brandnew:

    "That announcement mighta backfired on making me look bad. But keeping it secret, makes me really look bad."

    If you were still in touch with anyone in the congregation you could tell them what happened and have the person spread it around. People might think better of you.

  • Oubliette

    You do know don't you that they (the WTBTS and local bodies of elders) used to announce the reason that a person was disfellowshipped.

    They quit due to defamation lawsuits. However, it actually works out better this way for the religion: Blind obedience without questions!

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • wozza

    If my memory serves me right ,in Israel did'nt they expose the sins publicly as well as the punishment

    As far as molesters go a committee today is set up and if say , 10 elders are on the body only the commitee knows the crimes of the molester and they don't neccessarily tell the rest of the body what that person has done ..........dumb bullshit religion

  • apostrate

    As I was reading this post I thought that I should mention the GOSSIP mill, but I see that a couple of others have brought that up already.

    When I was young I did something that could have easily got me DF'd, but I really was sorry about it and I was merely "publicly reproved". Not long after I moved away for a couple of years. When I moved back, it was painfully clear that everybody in the Hall knew exactly what I had done.

    I already had my "privileges" re-instated and been forgiven but the individuals felt that they knew better, I guess.

  • EdenOne

    I think the GB took a lesson from the Olin Moyle case and know better than to go on public and acuse someone of some wrongdoing, real or not. They know such behavior can turn against themselves and be taken to court and won by the DF person. That's why they don't state the reasons publicly. I actually agree that it shouldn't be publicized, so to avoid adding unecessary stigma to an already unpleasant situation.

    Of course, the rumour mill is the drawback of this situation. I wasn't DF'd but after my JC I stopped attending meetings. Those close to me know that the reason for the JC was an allegation of apostasy. However, gossip going around has it that I've been attending meetings of another religious group! How insane is that?


  • brandnew
    @Villiage Idiot..... it kinda doesnt matter to me bro......my love is unconditional.., theres is questionable.

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