Can we be honest?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    We spent a few hours in Reno once on a long road trip, does that count? [ back when we were planning a move west to 'Serve where the need was great' ]

    Back then Wifey was even scared to eat in a casino due to the cult's influence in our lives - eventually we did though and the food was great. Didn't care for all the flash and glitter though in the casino -


  • seahart

    Wow, I love hearing the other experiances(sp). I will agree with a couple who said it should be seen once. Just to get it out of your system kinda like a bad cold.S.

  • bikerchic

    seahart I'm copying the posts in your other thread you started on the same topic, not to worry no harm I'm just cleaning up the forum. Oh and putting in a word to Simon for my Christmas present to be a way to merge topics!

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    Sorry, I thought I was posting this in friends. I need more coffee.S.
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    Wordly AndreRe: Can we be honest?

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    I live about 4 hours from Vegas, and I hear about people going up there for weekends, and "oh I'm going to Vegas this weekend" yeah its a nasty place, and yes when I was 21-25 I used to go over there all the time, but once your done at the cards table or slots, yeah there is the shows, but hell it was much better about 10 years ago, when you could not only afford it but you could get actually get reservations. Instead of Vegas I'd rather do San Francisco, it has more culture and you can do more stuff there.

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    BizzyBeeRe: Can we be honest?

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    I was there for the first time in April for Elton John show.....................don't care if I ever go back...............
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    serendipityRe: Can we be honest?

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    I enjoyed the first 24 hours before it got crowded, but was disgusted by the human pandering. I was also amazed that most people gambling aren't smiling. Honestly, they didn't even look like were having a good time.
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    DanTheManRe: Can we be honest?

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    Did you see any shows? That's the big attraction for a lot of people, and if I ever visited that would be what I would go for, I love live entertainment and I think the quality and variety of it that you find in Vegas has few rivals. I'll pass on the gambling, I'm not at all enthralled by the idea of travelling 1000 miles to play cards.
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  • bikerchic

    Me, me! I LOVE Vegas! There is so much to do in and around Vegas and I love the desert it has a beauty all it's own you just have to look and take the time to appreciate the differences.

    Maybe you could give it another chance especially during the fall when it's cooler and take some day trips to some of the scenic areas like Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Death Valley National Park, the Grand Canyon is close by as well as some cool cities in southern Utah like St. George for one.

    Oh and besides all that wonderful stuff to do I love to play black jack and the slots, whooohooo! I love the night life and the shows are awesome you've got to see the shows! Walking along the strip at night is fun seeing the water show at the Bellagio I could watch that for hours! The strip is a freak show all of it's own. Oh the food, yum and I love the cheaper prices for food and hotels.

    I've been to Vegas, Reno and Laughlin gambling is fun, fun, fun! Vegas is my favorite place though. Did I mention I got married there?

  • seahart

    Biker, Thank you for moving that stuff over. Congratulations on your nups. I put the ""on the wedding I went to because it is such a farce. I shouldn't have implied all Vegas weddings are a joke. When I say Vegas I mean that 5-6 radius around the strip. The outter areas are some of the most visually(sp) stunning things I've seen. But it's the crazy hipe and how it is being sold too us that makes me question what is the real draw. That the tourism board came up with "What happens here stays here." as a way to attract people is nuts. To me it implies that there are no rules are you don't have to act like a responsable adult/person. Am I reading this wrong? Just curious. I hope I don't sound like an old fart.S.

  • wonderwoman

    *Well, I went last March ;and I had a awesome time!

    Planning to go again, anyone wanna join me? ;See if I can drag*

    I love Vegas. I'm in!!

  • Gregor

    There's nothing wrong with sounding like an old fart! I resent that!

    You are correct about the new marketing strategy. I remember when they tried to turn it into a family destination. They put in Disney type amusement and some of most outlandish Hotels, the Mirage, Luxor, Excaliber. They dropped the family angle about 3 years ago and now, as you picked up in the new ads, they are implying that NV is where you can act out in ways you would normally be totally ashamed of.

    Nice, wholesome angle, huh?

  • AuntieJane

    I like Vegas every 10 years or so for about 3 or 4 days of fun, throwing away a little money, seeing all the glitz...but I

    definitely know what you mean. The Greed gets to me sometimes, what a waste of a lot of $$ and lives. Just think

    of all the real good that could be done with that money.

  • uwishufish

    I lived there many years ago. My parents had quit going to the hall. So we used gambling as entertainment only, a couple nights a week. As a gambler you drink for free. Also the downtown casinos had 10c craps and roulett. So $5 went along way. My evening would be over when I lost my $5 or doubled it. By that time I would be pretty lit.


  • AudeSapere

    I've been a few times (and to other gambling destinations) and generally feel the same way - the place starts to close in on me after a few days.

    However, the last time I went to Vegas was 2 years ago. It was a bonus for special achievement at work. We stayed at a decent hotel and ate at wonderful restaurants. Also saw one of the headliner shows. And we were each given $500 in spending cash.

    I think it made a big difference that there were so many varied activities.

    Prior to the work trip, I had mostly just ate, drank and gambled. All the lights and bells just get to be too much after 2.75 days (as someone else posted).

    Also, it's not so cheap anymore. Even meals are expensive.

    Still an easy-to-get-to destination for most people, with a little something for almost everyone.


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