Can we be honest?

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  • Gregor

    Over the years my work has taken me to many casino towns, LV, Reno, Tahoe, various Indian casinos. I usually stayed in Casino hotels. I also noticed the depressive effect of the whole scene. Just walking through a huge casino floor to get outside was a downer.

    Ever notice (I sound like Andy Rooney) how the TV ads all show these young, attractive people jumping up and down in hysterical glee. But the actual casinos are full of really dog-eared looking retirees in polyester glumly smoking cigs and plugging slots. Sexy huh?

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    I have been to vegas 10 times in the last 10 years, I love it...

  • poppers

    But the actual casinos are full of really dog-eared looking retirees in polyester glumly smoking cigs and plugging slots. Sexy huh?
    You mean it doesn't look like the TV show Las Vegas? I'm shocked, shocked ! Guess I'll have to change my travel plans. Seriously, I agree that the casino scene, wherver it's found, is depressing. We have lots of casinos in Wisconsin and the glitz and glitter does nothing for me but leave me feeling like people are absolutely put into a hypnotic induced coma that robs them of reason. How can people be so stupid?

  • done4good

    I have only been there on business twice, (stayed at the Luxor and New York New York), and I would say it is a pain in the @$$. Can't find the registration desk when entering the hotel, can't find your way to the rooms, no coffee pot in rooms, (big no-no), no iron in rooms. No high speed internet, and phones hardwired to the wall, so you can't even use dial up. The place sucks.


  • ferret

    I am not a gambler but yes I LOVE Vegas.

  • whyamihere

    Well, I went last March and I had a awesome time!

    Planning to go again, anyone wanna join me? See if I can drag

  • tijkmo

    i stayed 2 nights a few years back but only went one night for a walkabout...did the rides on the big tower...not a was just a base for seeing other places...grand canyon..hoover dam..etc etc ....i wanna go back...there are 2 more rides on that tower i wanna do and other places i would like to see...maybe brooke can show me around

  • JWdaughter

    I think Vegas would probably be more fun if, unlike myself, you visit for reasons other than funerals. Last time I was there was after my nephew was murdered. The times before that were relative visits filled with family drama(none of it entertaining) and relatives who were offended if you didn't want to sleep on their living room floor with 2 children in a house filled with snarling dogs. . .rather than the nice hotel down the street. I loved the red rocks though. . .the drive down there, the last one going the length of nevada in a non AC car with those same 2 children inspired me to beg my husband to stop and just let me out of the car. . .


  • Gregor

    JWdaughter, LOL

    You have the makings of a very amusing short story there. Flesh it out.

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    I absolutely love it for 2.75 days. In on Thurs aft, leave on Sun morn. At 2.76 days I can't get away from Bing-Bang-Bing-Bong-Bing-Bang-Bong-Bing fast enough. Even in the airport, I'm ready to jam a pencil in my ear to get it to stop.

    We casino hop with a lot of booze and little sleep. No shows and no looking at the fountains. We get cool comps and then we're outta there as fast as possible.

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