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  • Gill

    Yeah well, Uncle Bruce, it sounds like False Advertising to me! I reckon those Muslim blokes should put a complaint in about that one.

    (Whoops! You have to be so careful what you say on these threads!)

  • lawrence

    Dansk - great post! I find what's interesting is at the conclusion ... will remain 33 years old.

    What a bunch of dangerous kooks!

  • Gill

    Thinking about it, these Muslim bombers.....they did it all for a non stop sex orgy forever???????? That was their great cause!!!!???????? That was their reason for killing thousands of people????????

    How pathetic!

    Could be a bit of chemical castration could help certain members of the community behave better.

    Poor Muslim women, if that's what their looney men folk think they're there for.

  • I quit!
    I quit!
    What I don't understand is what's in it for the women?

    I've wondered this myself. At times when I have gone to the beach here I've seen the husband in his trunks enjoying the beach checking out the babes while his wife sits next to him covered from head to toe.

  • Narkissos

    Mystical talk is swarming with sexual metaphors -- see the middle-ages Jewish and Christian readings of the erotic Song of Solomon. I guess what we have in the Qur'an and Hadiths is a rather candid, unveiled (!) version of that. Of course it mostly reflects male erotism -- go figure.

    Btw, aristocratic pederasty was very much a part of ancient societies (cf. Saul, David and Jonathan and the Persian tradition of shahed bazi which survived into the poetry of the Muslim era).


    Good Lord,I didn`t even see UncleBruce till now..UncleBruce, Barabra Edan is Mine!!..LOL!!..I saw her about a year ago.That woman has still got it go`n on...OUTLAW

  • Undecided

    Mohammed must have had a small winney and if he was with a woman that had seen a normal one she would have laughed at him.

    Ken P.

  • JamesThomas

    Black Sheep:

    I don't prefer drinking my wine out of a cup, but other than that it sounds pretty good Ian.

    Yes, I'm concerned about the cup thing, as well.


  • Gregor

    The Muslim culture objectifies woman more than the decadent West. If women are only desireable if they are virgins than they are a 'use once' disposable commodity like Kleenex. Islam reveals the deep insecurity of their males who have a pathological fear of being cuckolds and kill women (including daughters) who are not subserviant sheep.

  • ignored_one

    Won't they be surprised when they get to heaven to find out it's actually 72 men for every woman. ;) Don't most relgions have weird ideas about sex? Why wait til heaven to have an orgy when there's plenty of people up for it now. ;)

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