Wouldn't this be fun fun fun?

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  • Skimmer

    Wouldn't this be fun fun fun?

    One of the sponsor links on this site is a Bethel tour company owned and operated by JWs:


    Would it not be the funnest thing to have fifty of us sign up for one of their tours like:


    and, uh, accidentially forget to mention that we all had found out the real truth about the "Truth"?

    Note that the tours offer stops at various New York City highlights including the UN! Think of the questions you could ask of Brother Tour Director.

    Perhaps there's a stop at the "launching pad" where a couple of dozen JW elite are buried. You could hook up a hidden tube in your trousers and piss on Knorr and Franz. Considering where they are now, they just might appreciate the admittedly futile effort to have them cool down a bit.

    Or touring the printeries: "Sister Cleaner of Advanced Middle Age, do you think you can escape the next round of layoffs?" "Brother Press Feeder, what do you think about it taking thirty years of distributing that literature to get a single convert?"

    If you were on one of these tours, what would you do and say?

  • Shawn10538

    Count me in! I would love to go on a Bethel tour. But I think having too big a crowd would not be as good as if there were 1/2 witnesses and 1/2 non witnesses. The subtler the better I think.


  • SirNose586

    Goodness, that reminds me of the Bethel tour I went with my fam on in '95. There was a randy little filly there. Her folks were probably embarrassed, but it just made the tour that much more enjoyable.

  • OpenFireGlass
    If you were on one of these tours, what would you do and say?

    I don't know what I would say.... but I would definatly smoke a couple fatty's before I got on that bus... with any luck I'll fall asleep... if not I'll eat the brownies too...

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I wouildn't bother with the 'hidden tube'

    Am I still invited???

  • Skimmer

    Well, without the hidden tube, it will be no mystery to the groudskeepers as to why the greenery is turning yellow.

    On the other hand, I could do my sacred duty and, uh, "pinch a loaf" for Homer and Freddie to help fertilize the grass.

    Another idea is to swap the real headstones for replicas that contain a hidden long life battery and a voice playback computer. It would be programmed to output randomly, once every few days to make it hard to detect. A great source of new JW demon rumors. Think of what you could have it say!

    Knorr: "I'm burning, I'm burning! Help me, I'm burning!"

    Franz: "Gehenna is not so bad; they let me help run the place. By the way, you'll be with me soon. Very soon."

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I would bring a backpack full of Smurfs and leave them everywhere I went.

  • jgnat

    Halloween candy and candy canes are smaller than smurfs.

  • earthtone

    I would love to go... if we do this count me in. I got vacation coming up, or next year I'll set aside a few days!

  • OpenFireGlass

    So anyway... Who wants to sit at the back of the bus with me?


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