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  • Asheron

    It has been years since I left but when I did I left my family and all of my friends and my job. It took me a few years to get myself back on my feet. I was even technically homeless for 8 months preferring to live off of the kindness of almost strangers rather than submit to the mind control at home.

    Trust me when I tell you that it gets easier and easier and better and better. That light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train. Start by finding out who you are, what motivates you. Be completly selfish for awhile until you find what fills you with joy. Believe that friends are EVERYWHERE in this world and that all in all its a great place. Sure thier are some "hammers" in it but so what, most people are just as lost as you and I and all the dubs at the hall.

    Try to put down the judgemental view that most of us suffered from when we first left. If you dont you will never allow yourself to accept others and make meaningful relationships. If you have an activity that you enjoy, sports,movies etc..whatever..find a group activity in that area of interest to join to make new friends. If you dont have any current "outside" interests give yourself time..they will come to light along with your new freedom.

    Most of all...LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Dont waste another day. Armaggedon wont happen but we will all die some day so dont waste another second waiting or worrying about any of that mind polution. Get on with life....its waiting for you to live it.

    If you find that you need any personal support please feel free to message me or anyone that offers.

  • aoxo

    got any hobbies. i met some friends at the YMCA climbing gym. still havn't found a girl friend but im working on it.

  • LisaRose

    For me I was more lonely in the org as my hub was DF'd and I worked full time and wasn't active in the cong. But still, It's difficult at first because you are used to ignoring 'worldly' people and not making friends outside the org. It takes time to learn to relate to regular people. I now have way more friends than I did when I was a JW. I know all my neighbors, have work friendships, one who turned out to be my very best friend. I also volunteer in a community group. Take a class, strike up a conversation with people you see. Just living a normal life you will meet new people. Be open, don't judge people on their appearance. It's a whole new, wonderful world, full of possibilities

  • thecarpenter

    There are a lot of things you can do to fight the loneliness

    1- fade out of the organization slowly while you build up your friend base

    2- see if you can exit the org. with a friend who is also sick of the org.

    3- go back to school - you will meet many people your age especially if you take weekend or evening classes. (for those over 25)

    4- attend another church (hopefully non-denominational that isn't controlling)

    5- volunteer you time to community projects

    6- join a club (softball, dance, bridge, YMCA, etc...); find groups in your community using the internet.

    7- make friends with your co-workers and do things with them.

    8- get in touch with your non-witness relatives

    9- get to know your neighbors

    10- try and meet up with some on this board from your area

    11- get a pet

    12- If you are single, check out the personals and dating services

    13- start a hobby

    Remember, loneliness is a state of mind, not a life sentence. check out this site

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