Child Safeguarding Policy

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I don't know if y'all have this yet or not. I'm still having issues with this new site and I am unable to post photos & files, so here is the link to the pdf file

    2011 Child Safeguarding Policy:

  • Oubliette
    Got it, thanks!

    What's the deal? Are we reading this for analysis? Is this the WTBTS's official PR piece? When you read it, it kinda sounds good. When you know of the WTBT's actions in court, you realize it's a puff piece.


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think they wrote this letter because of some court cases they have pending in the British isles and they can use this to minimize damage to their assets, in other words 'damage control'.

    Too little too late, well it is never too late for reform actually, none the less this letter is just a smoke screen and no hit of reform to it.

  • jamiebowers

    I couldn't get past the first page without wanting to puke. It says parents have the primary responsibility to protect their children, yet the Watch Tower threatens congregants with disfellowshipping if they spread the word about a child molester in their midst.

    It also says that the Watch Tower doesn't sponsor child related activities, yet children are expected to go door to door, which could potentially expose them to the unknown pedophiles in the congregation.

  • jwleaks

    The Child Safeguarding Policy was developed by Watchtower of Britain to comply with instructions issued by the Charity Commission of England and Wales following the investigation into the London Mill Hill congregation.

    Either the Watchtower produced a policy or they lost their charity status and had to start paying taxes. In reality it is really the Watchtower's Charity Status and Taxation Benefits Safeguarding Policy as it was produced primarily for this reason. The following link contains some related documents. Scroll down the page to the subheading "London Mill Hill Congregation"


    Nice. They only did "the right thing" to protect their income.


  • Fisherman

    When you know of the WTBT's actions in court

    What do you claim to know?

  • MissFit

    Safeguarding elders: is that what they call the legal dept. now? talk about rebranding.😉

  • Listener

    Katie Kitten on Youtube exposes more about their Child Safeguarding Policy. Without a doubt it is just their to satisfy their Charity Status and they are not taking it seriously.

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