144K. Were they just the really crazy ones?!? How did they get the call?

by Sailor Ripley 21 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • heathen

    Sailor Ripley--- The belief is that the number in the 20th century is a continuation from the 1st century , so they account for it that way . I also believe they die as martyrs as Revelation depicts , for bearing witness to jesus . Another part the WTBTS overlooks . Revelation 20:4

  • astro

    I can still clearly remember the reactions of some elders towards the few who partook the emblems.

    Of the very aged brother who partook,there was rolling of the eyeballs and one elder actually made the 'crazy' circle about his head in reference to said brother.

    Anyone under the age of 65 was brought into the back room and 'counseled',-this was before any changing 'light' on this issue.

    What is the 'present light' regarding this? I've been away from the corp. for years and haven't kept up with things borgish.Thanks in advance! T

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