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  • Honesty

    How widespread is it among jehovah's witnesses and how do they cope with it?

  • KW13

    i know my mum was depressed for a while as a jw, i was and many others i KNEW had it.

    cope? i think its more of a case of burying it and pretending its not there until its too much, they think the cure is ministry and more meetings, but only cos of the pressure to do so.

    btw nice thread

  • purplesofa

    I see alot that are depressed and I think they deal with it by their forever waiting on Armeggedon.

  • serendipity

    JWs 'cure' depression with Prozac or other drugs, rather than addressing the root cause.

  • lawrence

    Booze, Effexor, more booze, and prayers that the worldlings will evaporate.

  • Arthur

    They stuff themselves with Prozac and food, while blaming worldly people for all of their sorrows.

  • Ironhead

    How do they cope with depression? In my mother-in-law's case, Prozac, ministry, meetings and gossip.

  • katiekitten

    In my mums case - Ministry.

    In my case - booze.

    In my aunties case - booze.

    In my friends Mother in laws - Prozac.

    In my friends husbands case - an affair and a nervous breakdown.

    In my friends father in laws case - an affair.

  • wonderwoman

    daddy dearest took multiple drugs, tried to kill himself with a handful of pills and a bottle of whiskey...everyone told him he needed to pray more. when i was a depressed suicidal teenager, grandpa told me to stop being foolish and get to the meetings and field service. gosh, how i miss all that great advice.

  • orangefatcat

    mother takes ---zoloft

    youngest sister -- zoloft

    middle sister-- something but she never told me mom did

    sister in australia-- prozac

    Me--, effexor XR, also trazadone, ativan, morphine, demoral and every now and then a few good drinks.

    Depression is complex sometimes, I don't want to be depressed but I am and I wish I could make it go away. I have been on meds since i was 18, now I am nearly 55yrs. old. I was told I had bi-polar and that there are a few things happening in my skull and until I see the neurologist and then have my MRI's in November I am still in the dark.

    I love life and I love people and God and myself and still I fight with this depression.

    I hear where u are coming from.



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