HELP!!! I am new to this and not quite sure how to get started

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  • phil78


    This can be a difficult time, but you need to do it right. If you give excuses that are not true (eg gay depressed) You will need to back them up and build on them in the future, with more lies. Remember, you dont have a problem. For you own personal reasons, you just dont want to associate with them any more. If you give them reasons that make it seem you are weak or vunerable, soon you will have JW's dropping in on you every day. There will be a roster made up to ensure you are getting the support you need to come back into the fold.

    In my opinion, take it or leave it, you need to tell them a diluted version of the truth. Then later you can build on it with more real reasons. But dont say anythind incriminating, like "I hate witnesses." Try saying " I just have some personal issues that i have to sort out by myself. I really appreciate the time you spend coming around, but i just need some time and space to work these things through." That will get rid of them for a while, and give you time to build your confidence to tell them respectfully to not call at all.

    My wife and i have been out for about 2 years. After 26 years of being brought up in the truth. No witness will really understand why we left them. Our family is only now starting to get pushy for real answers. But the above excuses has given us 2 years of near peace. Let me know what you think.

  • poppers

    Is there any way to expand your client base so it's not so dependent on JWs for customers?


    Maybe if they saw you using a few of the magazines on the floor as wastepaper, you wouldn't have to say anything!!! Just put some empty oil cans on them, stuff like that!


  • katiekitten

    You could be really non commital and say something vague like "thank you for your concern" or "maybe another time", but of course you would need to keep on saying that stuff until they got the hint, and as we know JW's are well known for NEVER getting the hint.

    You could say "my wifes friend is a JW. I talk to her if I want to know anything, but I dont have time to talk about it at work".

    Or you could blatant lie and say "My wife has told me she will leave me if I get involved in a religion, and I cant afford to leave her, cos shes red hot in the sack"... OK you dont have to say that last bit if you dont want to!

    Good luck whatever you say.

  • nsrn

    Possible reply: Hi! I've been watching for you--I found some really interesting articles I'd like YOU to read; that's fair, isn't it? Then whip out some copied pages of Crisis of Conscience or some articles from Randy's

    Yep, that ought to do it...

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