Back From Our Honeymoon!

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  • Yizuman

    Well, we're back guys!
    We really miss our hotel, wished we could stay 1 week longer!
    We had a great time together, despite of a few design flaws in our handicapped designed room (my wife is a double amputee).
    So our first night was wonderful, we took out some free movies offered by the hotel. We watched some chick flicks and some thriller movies like "Panic Room". Never seen that movie and it was a good one. Wanted to get "Dream Catcher" by Steven King, but it was checked out. Shucks! Wouldn't mind my wife holding me while she gets skeered! LOL!
    Then morning came, we went out for Breakfast. After that, we hung out at our local mall. We went into some bridal places and found some beautiful frames for our pictures, our marriage certificate (along with our wedding vows) and some other wedding related stuff. Also a scrap book too.
    Then we went to a "Create Your Own Teddy Bear" place. Just thought we do it for the heck of it. Turns out, we adopted a bear and took him home. LOL! It's those places where a teddy is unstuffed, we picked out a bear, and had it stuffed on a stuffing machine, then it was sewned up. We had gotten adoption papers for the bear. Then we had to pick a name for it, so out of the blue he's called "Pudgy Poo". Don't ask me why, but my wife liked it! LOL! He's a pink teddy. Will post a pic of it later. They're still being developed.
    Pictures will be posted on a later date when we get a chance to gather them all up.
    Then we went to Apple Bee's since my boss gave me a certificate to eat there. We had a nice dinner.
    Back to the room, watched some more movies and some cuddlin' before bed.
    Then we went and had breakfast again, watched one more movie and then checked out. Finally, we came home.
    So far my step son didn't go all out like Tom Cruise of "Risky Business" while we were gone! LOL!
    All in all, we had a great time.
    Tomorrow we're going to the State Fair! w00t!
    Btw, miss me? LOL!

  • Purza

    Welcome back. It appears you had a wonderful time.


  • Kenneson

    Man, what a surprise! I didn't even know you were dating, much less getting married. But I'm happy for you. Congratulations to you and your missus.

  • juni

    Happy to hear you had a good time together. Those bears are cute. A very novel idea.

    Wish you and your new wife a happy life together.


    Celebrations Bouquet, picture

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Welcome back!

    I am so happy for you, have a great life together.


  • Alana



    I didn't even know you were engaged. I wish you and your wife the best in your life together!

    ~Alana it the Indiana State Fair you are going to? We always went there when I lived in's a great fair....actually better than our Illinois State Fair. My favorite things: the food.....don't miss the grilled cheese sandwiches and the chocolate milk at the Dairy Barn....I know it sounds like something for kids, but they are really good!!

  • tan

    Congratulations!!! I hope the best for you and your new family.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Welcome back Yiz.... glad you had a great time....

  • Dansk


    CONGRATULATIONS to you and Mrs. Yiz on your marriage AND

    A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ian& Claire

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