It was BS in January 1939, it is BS now

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Elsewhere advised:

    Alan, I recognized that it was a spoof right away but SEE how everyone just believes everything you say?

    Hey, if Alan says it was a spoof, that's good enuff for me!

  • VM44

    I quoted the original article that WAS published in 1943 by the Watchtower, and which quote was also contained in one of AlanF's essays located at another site. --VM44

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i have an orginal copy of "FACE THE FACTS" WTS 1938 , what i find very upsetting. is that booklet, went into some detail. about " how christians would not get married, or have children. to just wait till the Big A . to have a family." then i think in a follow up from the question from the readers. the wt goes into detail that they have been preaching since @1925 that christians should not get married or have children . till the end of this system that is only months away. ie children book 1941. i think it was 1953 that the wt backed off , a bit on this teaching. since newer wt articles comment on what a great tract "FACE THE FACT'S " WAS I like to bring out this teaching. straight from the table of JEO-HOVER. That if a women if say 21 yrs. old followed this teaching from 1925-1953 she would be about 50 years old. to old to have children and start a family. My question? was that REALLY PROPER SPRITUAL FOOD AT THE PROPER TIME. STRAIGHT FROM JOE-HOVER. ? they can't answer it honestly. without worshipping JO)e-hover rutherFRAUD. Nathan allways comes up with the goods. john

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