REALLY, Why Do People Remain Jehovah's Witnesses???

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  • Finally-Free

    Mental laziness. A JW doesn't have to think, reason, draw conclusions, or make many decisions. It's all done for him by mother watchtower, and it comes prepackaged in cheapass magazines.


  • whyamihere

    I can think of a few reasons:

    Fear - Loosing your family over a religion you no longer agree with. Friends, Family, etc....wiped out forever isn't a comforting thought. Is it?

    Where? - Now that you lost every contact, where do you go? Much like a Kindergartener clinging on to his/her mother's leg because not knowing anyone, or being all alone.

    JW's(not all) are close minded, getting them to think for themselves is the difficult task - its a security blanket they have.

  • xjwms

    Tell me if you agree.......

    Its a lazy way of corporate reaching out for the house or other realestate for additional income.

    Just sit back and do what you are told....and... as long as... you are told you are always right....and judge the world you see fit.

    Most of all ..."by doing these things you will live forever" have a college education because you have read the Awake.

    and...You now have the best retirement package....doing what you are told in the new system.


  • lilybird
    Where? - Now that you lost every contact, where do you go? Much like a Kindergartener clinging on to his/her mother's leg because not knowing anyone, or being all alone.

    That's so true..Dubs are so conditioned that the world is wicked.. worldly people are wicked..most are afraid to venture away or even dare to have an independent thought. I know when I was a faithful Dub and I read about apostates in the Watchtower, it made me shudder like they were demons just waiting to poison your mind..Now that I am apostate..I know we are more normal than any JW.. at least we are free-thinking...

  • minimus

    It's true: it's easy to be a JW if you're lazy mentally and even spiritually. Everything is laid out for you to do. Period. No thinking needed. Just memorizing.

  • mrsjones5

    I think it's fear too

  • earthtone

    Very good topic...For me it was a little of almost everything that was said.

    Fear of family and friends. The only one in my family who is Jehovah's Witness is my mom. If I tell her I no longer believe she would probably still talk to me but only after heaping ton's of guilt on me and making me feel less than sh*t for abadoning Jehovah. Since we are not the best of friends she is not the main reason why I kept going, even if it was occasionally. My best friend and her family are born in the "Truth" witnesses and they would totally stop socializing with me if I told them how I truly feel about the WTS and it's teachings. As it stands we barely socialize as it is, I'm inactive. But I love them like family

    Laziness... soo true. I didn't excel academically nor was I encourage to do so since " getting a firm grip on the real life" did not include higher education. My first couple of years in high school I just barely passed and my mom did not really care at all. I had to decided for myself that I need to get it together if I wanted to make any kind of decent money.

    I did think at the time I had found something special, ever lasting life is a powerful incentive to do what is told and I honestly feel quite disappointed that this is all a lie ( well be posting topic on this later... stay tuned)

    So it was a combo of things for me.

  • sspo

    Fear of displeasing the GB since they truly beleive they are Jesus brothers, going against them is going against Jehovah and his Son

  • garybuss

    For me it was fear, stupidity, and complacency. When I was younger, I was living according to my core beliefs. The Witness group functioned as a social system until I got married, then it didn't function anymore.
    After I saw the year text for 1974, Witnessism didn't function on any level for me. Lots of things happened to me in quick dis-order after 1974.
    I'm much better than Moses, I only had to spend 18 years in the wilderness . . . 1974 until 1992 when I read Crisis Of Conscience.

  • Mamacat

    Well, for my mom, I know she really looks forward to a time with no wars, crime and that whole spiel. Her whole focus is on the paradise. She will hang in forever because she has faith in those words.

    It's sad because she could live her life to the fullest now and not die unfullfilled waiting on something that isn't going to happen.

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