TITHING approaches!

by hamsterbait 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Hamsterbait,

    I just wonder if you are right?!!!?? Would tithing be the "shocking" new announcement that they are worried those that don't like change will have a difficult time with?? Very interesting!!


    Lady Liberty

  • Arthur
    I think this is planting a seed for the idea that as the FDS class offers prayers up in Crooklyn Brothel, the R&F should be promising 10th of their income "to you"

    If they demand a tenth of JWs income, they surely aren't going to get much being that so few JWs went to college, and the GB has told them not to pursue lucrative careers.

  • hamsterbait

    Virtually no Dub gives anything like a 100th of their income in contributions. So insisting on a 10th would actually make a big difference, even tho most Witlesses are dirt poor.


  • moshe

    Harry the tightwad loves being a JW- he's the cheapskate kind- it's great -no birthday presents, Xmas gifts, mother's and father's day gifts, etc- it sure adds up. Harry hates buying and shopping for those gifts- that's extra money he can spend on himself!! Those types- and there are plenty like him ,will disappear from the KH real quick, if and when they come after him for his 10% tithe.

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