I f**king hate igorant azz people!

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  • earthtone

    Excuse the language but people in general really piss me off. My day started off good. There was no traffic, so I would finally get to work on time this week. Now I'm driving on aa mini expressway with a 45mph speed limit but most of the cars were doing 60. It's all good, we are really moving. I turn my right signal on to switch lanes and upon moving over this crazy azz driver speeds up and is riding my tail. I would have sped up to just to get him off me, but there was another car in front of me and on my left side. We (other cars) are doing 60, but Mister GoGo speed racer wants to do 80! He flashes his lights at me, so I blow my horn at him. Then he goes over two lanes to the left and then jumps in front of me and BRAKES! What an azzhole! He nearly hit the car in front of me and I almost hit him. All the while he's yelling cursing at me and giving me the finger. WTF! Why people gotta be like that. It just messed my whole mood up today.

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Yea, I agree!!!

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    There are some real lame people out there - even mild mannered people change once behind the wheel! I do driving for my profession and I see it all the time, thankfully I tend to be pretty laid back most of the time, but when someone deliberately puts you in real danger - yeah it can mess your mood up for the day. Try reading the topic on JW pets that will make you laugh I garantee!

    CS 101

  • LittleToe

    I have only one (hyphenated) word to say to that: "gun-rack".

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    hehehehe....nice one littletoe....it would be a lovely coincidence if earthlink happened to work for the US post office!!

    Do u earthlink?

    love jason

  • james_woods

    I heard those jerk-offs in the 550 HP Mercedes do that on the AutoBahn, too.

    It is considered to be polite to drive in the right lane unless you are attempting to make a pass.

    I think it may even be the law in Germany...

    James (cannot ever resist a car thread class)

  • lonelysheep

    Oh, earthtone, your exact thread title came out of my mouth yesterday!! Same thing.

    I was driving on a 3 lane highway, coming around the long curve at 60 mph, when this suv which just almost caused one accident, then decides to cut me off--no blinker, just moves over right in front of me. Then, he put his breaks on as if I was tailgating him!! Um, hello, you don't jump in front of a car and expect me not to be on your azz the second you do so. So, I got over from the middle to the left lane, and this mf had the nerve to look at me and yell out the window!!

    I have only one (hyphenated) word to say to that: "gun-rack".

    I would've shot him as I drove by, but I don't have a gun nor do I want to go to jail. That's what I feel he so greatly deserved.

  • anewme

    Hi Earthtone, I agree to drive these days is no fun do to this kind of selfish driver.
    I got in my first accident this week. I was turning right at an intersection. This youthful kid behind me thought he would zoom out and beat me into traffic. Upon zooming out he clipped me on the left back bumper causing a standstill collision. My car is in the repair shop but my MIL Garden Rose is feeling neck pain.
    She is getting therapy at a chiroprators.

    The kid was holding back laughter at the collision site! I asked him if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Apparently his confidence in his insurance was behind his inappropriate mirth. He was even non chalant about the damage to his brand new convertible. Weird.

    Im getting to the age where I do not understand the younger generation. They say 50 is the new "middle age".

    Sorry about your shake up.

    I must say how proud I was at my self for my calm response. I actually expect trouble and sadness to find me and so am always ready to respond to it.


  • lovelylil

    I had a similiar experience a few weeks ago driving in Boston. A young lady cut my off by cutting right into my lane, in front of my car from the left lane. I had to break really fast to avoid hitting her and then she gave ME the finger! What nerve. Even my kids were laughing at her stupidity because they realized that the one cutting someone else off by jumping in front with no turn signal, is the wrong one. But apparently many drivers do not get this and think they own the road. It is up to THEM to make sure they are room to cut in front of another car. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    People like this should be made to were a sticker or banner on their car that reads in bold letters: WARNING: I AM A STUPID DRIVER! Lilly

  • Finally-Free
    All the while he's yelling cursing at me and giving me the finger.

    Don't worry, it'll come back to haunt him one day. My middle finger has been sore for the past week. I think I've developed arthritis in it, possibly due to overuse.


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