Abstaining from Blood-Eating meat etc.

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  • JWdaughter

    When we consider the entire blood issue, does any JWs consider that everytime we eat any MEAT at all we are partaking of blood? Heck, my understanding of nursing is that babies often get a good dose of mothers blood-you would not believe what the lactation consultants say you have to nurse through!! So then, after looking at the bible instructions about blood, would not one need to consider the context? Sure, kosher meat is bled well, but blood remains, right? So when God said in the Bible(for those of us who assume that he had anything to do with it!) to abstain from blood, was it simply consuming it in any form or was it an attitude toward life that we were supposed to have? A reverence for it, perhaps? So saying, I would never eat blood sausage or casually accept a transfusion (for yuk & possibly spiritual reason and health reasons respectively), however,I would, if a life or death matter accept a transfusion for myself or my child. No one dies when they give blood. Many die who do not get it. Who is showing more respect for the soul-the life than one who attempts to live? Who shows less respect than one who will, for the sake of obeying a religious interpretation, die rather than accept the gift of life given by another. I wonder who is truly pleasing to the God who put us on this earth to have joy? And live?

  • jwfacts

    It does not take much thinking to understand that bible blood law was not about blood, but about respect for the sanctity of life. Does dieing from refusing blood show sanctity for life?

  • Hecklerboy

    I ask an elder once why it was OK to eat lobster since it was cooked alive and not bled propely. He said there wasn't enough blood in a lobster to worry about.

    Funny how they bend their own rules when they want something.

  • Gill

    I wondered why God would say: 'Abstain from blood (meaning blood transfusions and eating blood) fornication, and things strangled'. Meaning 'don't eat or take in blood, sleep around and partake in idolatory, (strangled goods being sacrificed to 'false' Gods'. And then neglect to say, 'Don't commit murder, sleep around, and partake in idolatory'. I think someone ie Mr Rutherford, may have mistranslated the 'abstain from blood' bit to mean a twentieth century medical treatment, rather than a VERY important command NOT to MURDER someone and have their BLOOD on your hands. It IS true! You can make the bible say anything you want it to. Do NOT murder can become do NOT take in blood transfusions!

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    When you consider that we dont consume blood by infusing it into our veins, rather it acts as a carrier of oxygen etc. It kinda shows that when you allow people (GB) to set your christian conscience for you, who have little of no knowledge of science, they can make all sorts of crazy claims and say its biblical.

    CS 101

  • Finally-Free

    My ex, who liked her steak rare, patiently explained to me several times that the meat on her plate was not lying in a pool of blood. It was juice. I was merely too stupid to comprehend that.


  • Gill

    FF - Consider yourself informed by your ex!

    Oh the madness of it all!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I remember when I was a kid we couldn't eat at Wendy's because someone said the burgers had blood in them, does anyone else remember this?

  • garybuss

    Plus, the New Testament command to abstain from blood only applies to the anointed (by their own teachings). The "other Sheep" of the "great crowd" are spiritual Gentiles according to the Society, and Gentiles were ALLOWED to eat the bloody meat.
    There you have it.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee
    My ex, who liked her steak rare, patiently explained to me several times that the meat on her plate was not lying in a pool of blood. It was juice. I was merely too stupid to comprehend that.

    Yeah, that's what I was always told too. I thought juice only came from fruits and veggies. Didn't know you could juice a cow (milk yeah, but juice?? lol)

    We heard all kinds of rumours growing up about blood in certain products. I remember I couldn't have an Easy Bake oven because the cake mixes that they came with contained blood products!! For years I thought Red Velvet Cake was full of blood!!!


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