Does anyone know how or where I can go to interpret a dream?

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    >> I was walking in my dining room and then I heard something horrible going on.

    Something is wrong at ‘your’ home.

    >>I walked into the hallway and there I seen my stb-ex (in my dream we were still married and happy) standing there with his head cut off and hanging down by just a piece of skin.

    What does your ex’s head represent to you; headship, intelligence? Only you can answer this one, no one can interpret it for you. In any case, he did not lose his head, but you thought it a disaster. There is an imbalance between how you felt, and how he felt.

    >> There was blood everywhere in the hallway... well, it gets even gorier so I'll skip to where I walked in the hallway and he was still standing up. He was still alive and walking around as if nothing was happening.

    The gore may represent the ugliness, the gross, the disturbing, or just a disaster for which overwhelms you. This is something that YOU felt. He on the other hand felt nothing. (Note: Your dream is not about him – but you)

    >> He was even talking to me in my dream as if to calm me down.

    He is trying to help you understand the situation – your dream – the message, however you are not seeing it.

    >> I called 911 and the medics sewed his head back on. All around his neck they had sewn as if his neck was sewn perfectly with a sewing machine. Everyone around me was acting as if it wasn't something to panic about.

    This is such a clear dream. It’s telling you that things are not as bad as you think. Problems are easily solved… even the difficult ones. In fact, when the problem is solved it can look very neat and tidy afterwards… even something to be proud of. Problems for you, may not be problems for others. Perhaps you don’t need to try and save someone else, perhaps it’s not in your best interests to call for help, although if you do, the result will still be good. Despite the enormity that the situation appears, the problem may not actually be as bad as you think.

    >> The nightmare was so detailed and real feeling that it's still "messing" with me even 2 days later.

    Perhaps you had already missed the point of an earlier dream and needed the message repeated a bit more strongly and/or differently. Don’t concentrate on the gore, but what that gore represents in relation to the dream as a whole. Was the spilling of blood an issue.

    >> The nightmare felt like it was all night long. I am scared about having that dream again. I was a bit ill when I woke up from so much gore in it.

    If you missed the point of this dream, then you will probably have another dream to help you understand the point. This is what recurring dreams are all about. Once you figure them out, they never come back. Thus, you have an incentive to examine this dream in a more clinical and emotionally detached way. What was the message? Pray on this and ask for an answer. You may just have another dream that helps you understand, but perhaps in a different way next time.

    Don’t forget the old saying, Why worry when you can pray?

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