Does anyone know how or where I can go to interpret a dream?

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  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    I don't know anything about the interpretation of dreams but I can say that if I eat MSG (MonoSodiumGlutamate) my dream that night, though not scary or bad, are extremely vivid and lengthy. It seems like they go on and on and I remember every bit of it. One time one was extrememly fun and I had a great time. When I remember it now it's hard to distinguish if it really happened or not.

    Your thought of cheese may have some validity.

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    Yeah - I often wonder what chemical reaction is happening there - I thought at first that it was psychological but it was happening even when I'd forgotten that I'd eaten cheese at some point that day.


  • GentlyFeral
  • Carmel

    lovedubs, I see you still hang on to the JW mantra about using a fraction of our brains! That has never been substantiated, in fact it flies in the face of evidence. Sorry I'm not able to quote references now, but I remember in psych class many years ago making that claim ( a hold over from JW days) and being destroyed in front of the class by the professor. At least I had the wherewithal not to claim I got the information from the Afake magazine!


  • vitty

    Can you tell us what it was about ?

  • FreedomFrog
    Can you tell us what it was about ?

    k, well, it's a bit gory. No, it's a lot gory. Read at your own risk.

    I'm hoping this isn't over the edge with posting this... sorry if it is.

    I was walking in my dining room and then I heard something horrible going on. I walked into the hallway and there I seen my stb-ex (in my dream we were still married and happy) standing there with his head cut off and hanging down by just a piece of skin. There was blood everywhere in the hallway... well, it gets even gorier so I'll skip to where I walked in the hallway and he was still standing up. He was still alive and walking around as if nothing was happening. He was even talking to me in my dream as if to calm me down. I called 911 and the medics sewed his head back on. All around his neck they had sewn as if his neck was sewn perfectly with a sewing machine. Everyone around me was acting as if it wasn't something to panic about.

    The nightmare was so detailed and real feeling that it's still "messing" with me even 2 days later. The nightmare felt like it was all night long. I am scared about having that dream again. I was a bit ill when I woke up from so much gore in it. LT may be right, it may be because lately I've been under extreme stress.


    FF...that was pretty gory...I do think it has something to do with what you're going through!

    I've had a re-curring dream since I was a child. A GIANT, multi-colored snake is chasing me in a black and white forest, just when it gets ready to bite me, I wake up. I can't tell you the number of times I've had the same dream. It really freaks me out!!!


  • FreedomFrog

    I did find a dream site that may help some of you with your dreams. It has helped me to some extent with mine.

    I think I understand why I had my dream more now that I read over the site. Anyway, I just need to work out whatever my subconscience mind is trying to work out so I don't have to go through this kind of dream anymore.

    Here's the site.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Send me $1000 US and I'll give you my inspired interpretation of your dream. You needn't waste time by telling me about the dream. I have my interpretation clear already. Just send cash.

    here's a hint: you are being taken for a ride...

  • FreedomFrog

    No no no, Nathan, not the gimmic "sales" part... but the articles. There are links that take you to places where you pay money, but I was meaning the articles that is around there, it's helpful. For example, here was a helpful suggestion under the link "Dream Analysis"

    Match the Theme or Concept to a specific area of your life.First off, MOST dreams are NOT prophetic. To instantly assume this, will lead to many mis-interpretations! Your dreams are usually selfish, meaning that they are about you specifically, a good 90 percent of the time. With that in mind, you should be able to tie in the theme to some particular area of your life. Here is a good tip: When you ask yourself, "What specific area of my life is this dream about? "as opposed to asking "What's this dream mean?" you will arrive at a conclusion faster."

    Because there was "dismemberment" in my dream, I looked in the "Dream Dictionary" under (D) for "dimemberment" and this is what I found.

    The fear of a family breaking up, or a romantic attachment being severed, is sometimes warned of by the dream of dismemberment, which means a breaking up. If you sometimes feel your live is coming apart at the seams, then this too will occasion a dismemberment dream. As in olden mythology, when man fell apart, the Gods would put him back together again, this then is a dream of warning you to change your ways, or take charge of a situation, before it reaches the dismemberment stage.

    That explained my dream very well. My life DOES feel like it's coming apart from the seams. My family is breaking up and so I now understand why the dismemberment was as ugly and gory as it was in my dream; because it feels like a very ugly part in my life. Also, I looked up "blood" and they stated that "the blood may not be literal but rather, signify a state of 'bleeding' emotions". I do feel at this moment that I am "bleeding" emotionally right now.

    People most often portrayed in dreams are actually reflections of your own personality traits, provided the dream is not prophetic.These traits are ones that you need to enhance or develop, or if negative, work on eliminating or reducing. You should immediately ask of yourself, what traits do I like, and what traits do I dislike in the characters I dream about? Then look for those traits in yourself. You may be very surprised to find a match up! People in dreams work most commonly to reflect, or mirror important aspects of your personality. You do well to always make this association.

    I believe the "people" (which was my stb-ex, son and the medics) in my dream was actually representing what I need to work on. I like the traits of those "people" because they were ALL calm and in control. Right now, on most days I don't feel I have control over emotions, no matter how hard I try to take that control.

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