Has the WTBTS got wise to the best way to make money?

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  • headmath

    Remember the Stanley theater. It was featured in a watchtower mag. Now if that is not gloating then what is?

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I don't think being a wiseguy is the best way to make money, but it's efficient - standover tactics certainly do work.

    They have obviously discovered the monetary benefits that are derived from running a protection racket.

  • Gill

    Black Sheep - Re-evaluation book! Very Funny!

    Black Sheep and Jim _TX - What is the point of all these upgraded printing works then! Apart from mags, what are they printing. The 'old stuff' is out of date. They daren't repeat half the crap they printed in the past because it's such blatant nonsense....so the point is in all these new machines?

    Garybuss - Don't give them any ideas about moving into personal mortgages.....However, something fishy is going on with all these new building works and firing of staff.....It's money, money, money all the way with the WTBTS.

    VM44 - Great Find. Looks different with just one book falling from the heavens this year. Perhaps God's run out of things to say.

    A Paduan - 'Protection Racket!' That is the most perfect description of the WTBTS that I've ever heard.

    Looking back to having been in that nutty cult for nearly all my life, it's possible to see a real difference in the workings in the last well, just thirty years.

    The books and mags are full of fluff. They have nothing to say except that 'the end is coming Soooooooon!' There is certainly the beginnings of an implosion taking place. And yet it survives,,,,,,simply because it was 'just a publishing company' right from the start.

    How many at Brooklyn are sent to business school as well as law school?

  • Scully

    The best way to make money would be to do the least amount of work possible in order to bring in the most revenue. Why they haven't got a place on their website to accept voluntary donations from anyone is beyond me.

  • Gill

    Scully - I think that Rutherford's words are still ringing in their ears, that once they have to openly and publicly ask for money it will prove they no longer have God's backing. They are still asking for money and symbolically passing the collection plate in a 'quiet' manner rather than 'up front'. But...as money from the Western nations dries up, demands for money may well become more blatant. It will be interesting to see. For now...property investments seem to be the best way to make money.

  • juni
    Do they do 'outside' work? For other companies? Sortuv a 'freelance' type of business

    What cha sayin Tex? They printin Penthouse now? That's why no porn on the Internet? Takes away from their business?


  • diamondblue1974

    In my view the society got wise to the best way to make money years ago; reducing cost is far easier than increasing sales especially when your markets already saturated with your product as well as a hostile and non receptive market place.

    DB74 (of the 'should be on holiday but doesnt mind paying 8 Euros per hour to check emails and JWD' class)

  • plmkrzy

    LOL! Pretty soon they will just hand out fortune cookies with new light notes inside.

  • Gill

    Hiya DB! Hope you're having a great holiday! So! You're missing us all!? I think you're right about the saturated market. However, it would be interesting to know if they are, or even if they 'will' eventually take up outside printing jobs. They could claim that it's to earn enough money to keep spreading the Kingdom message world wide! The JWs R and F wouldn't bat an eyelid! Property investments, are by their nature, long term investments. So, they certainly don't believe that the Big 'A' is coming anytime Soooooooon. So, they may as well start short term investments. Get rid of unnecessary volunteers who have been at the Crooklyn Bethel long enough to tell the difference. Then, with the 'new' intake of volunteers, they're not likely to know that the WTBTS didn't used to do things differently. They can start taking in outside printing work.

  • ithinkisee

    I think it has been discussed numerous times on this board how their RELIEF WORK for Natural Disasters is a big moneymaker in that they try to convince every JW they help to donate their FULL CHECK to the Society.


    There have also been reports that the Society has huge interests in the precious stone and precious metal markets in other countries. While I must emphasize that this HAS NOT been proven, there is one fact I do know. There is "at least" one previously high-ranking Bethelite that works just across the river from Bethel in Manhattan who is a power player in that industry. Many Bethelites and friends of the GB are often referred to this man who then walks them into large secured rooms with drawers filled with diamonds. I have a relative that purchased their wedding ring that way.

    Of course it could be nothing ;-), but it's almost enough to make me wanna go to Europe and find these companies the Society owns and put together a big expose ... hmmmmmm.

    To answer your question more directly, I think they have been wise to the fact their literature is a losing proposition in the long term and they have secretly diversified and spent alot of time putting their money into better moneymakers in other countries and so forth.

    Of course, it's just a guess though ...


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