"it's been said....."

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  • Crumpet
    I wanted to add that since coming to this forum I now listen more carefully when others talk. I now have a B.S. alarm that goes off when I hear control tactics being used on me.

    Good for you anewme - you really are the most gorgeous intelligent person I have ever met!

  • Elsewhere

    It's been said... that the Governing Body's farts smell like roses.

  • earthtone

    I heard the exact same thing, when I was younger! I really bought into it too. I could just kick myself. I remember them saying that in like a public talk or on the Theo School... I totally took it as gospel!

  • Jankyn

    "It has been said..." = tactic to avoid actually citing a source, making a claim of fact, and taking responsibility for the writer's thesis. Also, an instant "F" in any writing class that I teach. Also a frequent, lazy-ass tactic used by the Writing Department in WT literature.

    Other rhetorical offenders (and I'm soooo glad that readers of this forum pay attention to such things):

    "Throughout history..." (Used to avoid giving specific examples and to lend the air of historical authority to a weak claim.)

    "Scientists have found..." (Which scientists? Using which methods? What studies? With what limitations? Published where? Peer reviewed? This is also a very sneaky way to avoid actually backing up a claim of fact.)

    Feel free to add more. These are just the worst offenders, in both WT publications and freshman comp papers.


  • Warlock

    "it's been said"???????

    I know the brother who said it!


  • AuldSoul
    chuckie77: ...would I be able to say I had a degree in bullshit?

    That would depend on whether or not you spread it as truth. There are two fields of specialty, you can get an Associate Degree in Bullshit Propagation (by becoming an active JW) or a Doctorate in Bullshit Detection and Removal (by learning to think for yourself).

    I am working on my Doctorate, right now.


  • FreedomFrog
    "Scientists have found..." (Which scientists? Using which methods? What studies? With what limitations? Published where? Peer reviewed? This is also a very sneaky way to avoid actually backing up a claim of fact.)

    I agree, the Society's generic way of "proving" something is not really proving anything.

    It's quite and eye opener now that I am going to college for writing academic papers on how their publications are poorly written. I just completed my first quarter in Com 105 and if I was to write something like the Society writes, Jankyn is right, I would get a poor grade. When quoting or trying to prove their position, they fail to give real proof. They give generic "scientists" so they don't have to prove their thesis.

    To be quite honest, I've used their publications to see how poorly they write so I can avoid doing it in my own papers. So I guess I could thank them for teaching me what to not do. After all, they are good teachers at writing bad papers. lol

  • BizzyBee

    Yup, it is troo. I got me my edjeecashun outta them Awake! maggazeens. I been studdyin them artikuls fer near abowt 30 yeers now. I figger I got equll to a jr. hi skool gradjewat. Truss me, cuz that is whare I am empployd as a janitor. See, I larned frum the Awake! that iz whut is calld 'lojic.'

  • Forscher

    I remember all that talk through the years about how reading the Awake imparted the equivalent of a College education. I've also heard the same said of the ministry school. well, the ministry school did help me ace a speech course in college, and it did help me avoid remediating English (College essay's are nothing but written impromptu 4th talks when you get down to it), but that was about it.
    Believe me, reading the awake long enough definately will not substitute for a college education!

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley


    You listed the one that I love, "Scientists are starting to..." Getting a degree in Biology allowed me to pour over mounds of data and "research." There are "scientists" in the world that will say just about anything if they believe it will get them a grant.


    You should ask, the next time he says it, "Said by whom?" And then just wait for a response. I know you probably can't do that... but it sure would be fun, that is until Jehovah rained down fire upon your soul.

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