the best bible software??

by Ade 12 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • truth.ceeker

    I'd have to say esword is great for the price and the features are very robust. Lots of add-ons make researching the bible fun and enlightening.


    p.s. and if you have a pocket pc device, you can get esword on that as well. Very handy for taking it all with you.

  • Triumph

    Nelson''s Ultimate Bible Reference Library CD is excellent but it is list priced at Try for a discounted price of $19.97

  • Forscher

    I have several different freebies off the net.
    E-sword is excellent for those who like me don't have a lot of money. The ISA, which is linked in another post is my favorite though. It is an interlinear Bible with some nice features though it doesn't have extensive commentary. The OT part of it isn't yet fully featured, at least in the version I have on my computer. But the authors are working on that.

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