When do you put a dog down?

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    Have you spoken to your parents about it. Having been dogsitting, maybe now is your best opportunity to say something like 'he seemed to be in a lot of pain and not happy, have you taken him to the vets for a check up lately?'

    If he's having to pee little and often, it could be that he's also going into renal failure - or he may just have a treatable blockage.

    Personally, I wouldn't like to keep an elderly dog alive if it's back end was gone and it couldn't take itself to the toilet, especially if it was in pain as well.

    Whatever happens, keep your eye on him and if it's really obvious that he's suffering, get the RSPCA in - you will remain anonymous.

    Skimmer - you might like to get hold of some of Andrew Linzey's books - he's tops on animal theology.


    Time to put the dog down. Why keep an animal needlessly suffering for emotional attachment? I know this next statement sounds cruel, but after just finishing Ceasar Millan's book, I have had my view reenforced that a dog is a dog, and not a human.

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    Put the dog down, ONLY when you run out of food!


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    You Dad Mum and the dog need to go to the vet and make HIM the heavy. Then if the animal needs to be put down, they will see it isnt YOU making that decision and if they cant handle doing it, you will be on hand to do it for them. Sometimes when even people are dying, they need their loved ones to tell them it is ok to go. You know?

    Ask her if she were in his condition would she want to continue to live like that for as long as it took for her to die? Would she look kindly at those around her keeping her alive because THEY didnt want her to go?

    When my dog in Illinois was ready to go...there was no doubt about it. She had that look in her eyes. I was the only one who even noticed she wasnt acting herself prior to that and took her to the vet who discovered she had a tumor so big it took two xray screens side by side to display the entire thing! He wanted to put her down right there and then but my kids didnt even know I was AT the vets with the dog and they wouldnt forgive me if I didnt let them say goodbye...so home she went. About a week later she couldnt eat, couldnt drink, couldnt stand for more than a few shakey seconds and I told my husband it was time. He took her to the park, bought her a cheeseburger, tried to get her to play...nothing. He was convinced then that I was right.

    I loved her enough to NOT let her suffer. And thats our job until our pets learn to drive, dial phones and speak for themselves.

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    The dog cannot stand up on its own,


    I would be screaming at them to take that dog to the vet NOW! But that's me.

    My dogs are my kids and I know how hard it is to make that decision but it MUST be made. Prolonging it is just cruel and downright selfish. No offense intended.

    It is your dad’s dog so it must be his decision.

    You could call the humane society anonymously and have them take the dog away.

    good luck

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    damn thats a scary pic

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