Going to the CUBS game tonight......

by whyamihere 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Virgochik

    Naw, I'm in Colorado, watching on Dish Network satellite TV! We get WGN on channel 239Used to live in the Chicago area growing up, and return to see Mom sometimes. So, no drive home for me!

  • looking_glass

    Sorry but Butt is right, Cubs suck. I love when they say "next year" at the beginning of the season because their team is already out for the count. Also, half the people who hang out in Wrigley go for the booze, it is a huge beer garden. That is the only my friends and I go, if other people buy the tickets and we are promised lots of drinks. I am still at a loss as to how they fill the seats every year, when every year their game just gets worse. They have yet to have a healthy starting pitcher. It reminds me of the Bears, they start out the season with injuries ... WTF! Time to get some new management that 1) really wants a winning team 2) understands that in order to have a winning team you need to have healthy players (i.e., so they can play) and 3) if people are not producing THEY GO!

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