What Happens When A Bethelite Questions the Governing Body

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Interesting experience, and not that uncommon it seems.

    It was the lack of love that kept nagging at me - when the doctrines and ethics were found to crumble we left.


  • jayhawk1

    It has been my observation that many "Bethelites" return from the factory with less zeal than they left with. It takes stories like the one above to understand how it really is in "paradise." Who knew they micromanage so much that there is actually people in charge of each breakfast table. How wierd is that? If that is how it is at the factory, imagine if they ran the world. It would add a new dimension to the words "religious extremists."

    And the part in the story about him being forced to move his trailor from a family farm due to the family believing he was spying on them, I can understand completely. The JWs are taught to report anything to the Elders that may be in violation of some obscure rule. That family was probably just an ordinary family, but felt they had to be perfect to the letter while the pioneer lived behind the house.

  • katiekitten
    Who knew they micromanage so much that there is actually people in charge of each breakfast table.

    Yes that is true.

    When I was still married my husband and I went to visit his sister and brother-in-law who were serving as a married couple in London Bethel.

    We had lunch with them, and during the lunch one of the men at the table asked my B-I-L something along the lines of "please may I have permission to leave the table". I laughed out loud, because I thought the man was being sarcastic (like when you had to ask when you were little). But then I heard my B-I-L answer him in all seriousness and I realised it was for real. Mark then explained to me the 'table head' system, and that he was the head of this table and everyone had to ask permission to do anything from him.

    I thought it was the most archaic pathetic childish system I had ever seen. Mark obviously loved it tho, as it gave him tin pot hitler status for 30 minutes 3 times a day.

  • jayhawk1

    Isn't that something. Again, how wierd is it to micromanage to the point you need table leaders. I assume they pretty much had assigned seating to go along with the assigned tables. The closer you set to the table leader, the more "privilaged" you are. Maybe you get a fresher piece of chicken or whatever.

    Imagine eternity with these A-holes, assigning tables to eat at, day after day, year after year, decade after decade... That would be hell.

  • LongHairGal

    VM 44:

    That was a very good letter in your second post. The writer was very sincere. But, I am sure it had no effect and fell on deaf ears because, as you stated in your later post, the organization is seeking to keep itself going. So, this brother got bounced out for being smart enough to realize the wrong and daring to bring it to their attention. They are not interested in righting any wrongs and clearly have no regard for anybody's rights or hurts or whatever. They literally are of the opinion that you can drop dead.

    This is just like secular governments. What was originally put in place to benefit the people ends up having the reverse effect. It ends up being an end for its own purposes. This is an evil of human nature that keeps going on and on. The only difference between secular governments and the "Organization" is that secular governments have armies (not just to fight wars but to intimidate their population). They can extract taxation and service from people's hides. Whereas, the "Organization" cannot do this (and for this we can be grateful). How many of us have seen a cowboy attitude or overstepping of boundaries by the "brothers" in many instances? It would be horrible to imagine what could happen. They might even prove to be worse than the "Caesar" they always talk about.

    I can almost detect that they are chomping at the bit and wishing they could exercise a right of eminent domain over everybody.


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