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    Name one organization,that has(due to governing rules,policies or politics)KILLED more Jehovah`s Witness`s,than the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society?...OUTLAW

  • BizzyBee

    I'm thinking..................

  • KW13

    i dont even think the nazi's beat the society

  • garybuss

    The Society's right . . . there's an organization that hates Jehovah's Witnesses. And the Witnesses are right, there's a conspiracy against them.


    Now thats Cold!!..But thats how it is!...OUTLAW

  • DannyBloem

    hmm, how many witnesses did the society kill?

    + (add) some who died because of not using blood, where other treatments were not sucessfull (and blood would have been successfull) [guess about 1000?]

    - (substract) those who did not went smoking (and otherwise would) and from this the percentage that did not get a deadly illness like cancer. [guess about 2% of 35% = about 50000?]

    - (add) some who died because of there stand against the government for not going into war, or other political neutrality reasons, like malawi. [guess 20000?]

    - (substract) those who did not go to war and woulsd have been killed there (percentage of refusers), but not went to prison or something and lived. [guess 10000?]

    - (add) those who could not handle it and commited suicide in the organisation or later after leaving them. [guess 5000?]

    - (substract) those who found some happyness in the organisation which kept them from killing themselves [guess 5000?]

    - (substract) those who did not have unsafe sex (for various reasons related to the organisation) and did not get a deadly soa. [guess 10000?]

    - (add) those who died because of not using treadment (other then blood) for trusting on god more then medicine, or trusting alternatives. [guess 20000?]

    ====================================================================== +

    total. Seems to be positive for the WTS



    DannyBloem,the people that have died because of the policies of the WBTS,died needlessly.Saying you killed 5 there and saved 5 over there,dosen`t even things out.WBTS killed Jehovah`s Witness`s with ever changing rules they don`t follow themselves.It`s not a game.It`s life or death.Unfotunatly a dead Jehovah`s-Witness is good internal advertising for the WBTS.For the WBTS,one dead Jehovah`s witness is worth a thousand live ones,it keeps the rest mindlessly obedient,to the WBTS...OUTLAW

  • garybuss

    Based on their literature, letters, and talks, the Watch Tower Society doesn't like Jehovah's Witnesses, thinks they're lazy, disobedient, dirty, and much too sexually active. The Society gives the Witness people worthless advise, and speculation and then they just up and change and don't even bother to say "Sorry!" to the people they hurt. In fact if ya complain, they'll tell your parents and your kids to shun ya.
    There's more and more separation apparent between the Jehovah's Witness people and the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation. It's probably been there all along, but the free exchange of useful information by the Internet has exposed it.

  • moshe

    and don't even bother to say "Sorry!" to the people they hurt. In fact if ya complain, they'll tell your parents and your kids to shun ya.

    How right you are. I remember telling a CO around 1980 that the Society had bloodguilt for it's reversals on blood factions and organ transplants. I asked the CO- "doesn't Jehovah demand an accounting for all the innocent witnesses who died because they didn't get a kidney transplant or blood fraction to treat hemophelia? He told me to keep it to myself or I would be disciplined for creating divisions in the Org.! The society never says we're sorry for killing your family members.


    DannyBloem I`ve thought more about your post.Your right the WBTS does rule against smoking and yes that must have saved some lives`s.Unfortunatly the WBTS owns stock in tobbaco giant "Phillip Morris"..Tobbaco contains "Nicotine",one of the most addictive substances on earth.Some say it`s as hard as heroin to quit.Tobbaco company`s are one of the few business`s,whose product kills the customer..It would seem the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society not only cause death`s..They invest in it..$$$$$$$$$...OUTLAW

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