National Healthcare for the USA

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  • donkey

    Where do I sign a petition against National Healthcare?

    Socialism be damned.

  • sammielee24

    Sorry donkey...I believe you would be fighting a losing battle. The UAW has contributed 100 million toward this campaign...the only reason that it hasn't gone through before now is because the unions (IMO) weren't backing it. Now they are - lots of them. They understand that economically, it is the only way the US is going to survive. Why? Because the cost of health insurance is crippling the companies. It costs millions less in benefits in every country where national healthcare is in place because the cost of the healthcare is paid through taxes and those taxes are less than the amount the companies have to pay now for private insurance. With more companies being told they will pay for employee insurance (think Walmart) those companies will look to the bottom dollar and guess what? they will donate and promote national care to avoid those measures. So sorry - I'd sign up now and be happy with it - there are a lot of other issues you can take on....sammieswife.

  • LDH


    No, since you have to ask so rudely, I don't like having my insides scraped AT ALL, any more than you like having a Q-tip shoved in your penis for a good swabbing, or getting a finger shoved up your bum to diagnose prostate problems.

    You are not the authority on Pap smear and GYN visits here in the states that you would have people believe. One simple google of //Calfornia free pap smears// and instantly I get:

    who by the way also provides free primary care to children.

    You might not like our system, and that's your right. Unfortunately we are burdened with immigrants many of whom are not legal that want to come here and be ENTITLED to that which the rest of us have worked so hard to achieve, financial security. Insurance is a tool of financial security, not a namby-pamby feel good program.

    Here's a newsflash--you only need insurance to protect your assets. If you don't have assets, you're considered POOR. Guess what the POOR qualify for? You guessed it. Free medical care. If you have assets, and you need health care, guess what? Sell your assets. That's what assets are used for.

    But no, we have people who want to have their cake and eat it too.

    I do feel that NHS would work **IF** we also mandate that every healthy able bodied man and woman work full time. Which, co-ink-adink-ally, what my husband and I have to do. Go figure. That is the only way I see NHS not being just another entitlement program.


  • LDH
    Well, lets see...if you happen to live near one -

    o gimmee a freaking break. You know how many people live many miles from medical care?

    The sound bites you take from websites don't prove your point. Yes, you are expected to pay for medical care when services are rendered unless you have made other arrangements. Why is that a surprise? Do you just walk into your neighborhood grocery store and take what you need?

    You might also educate yourself as to union tactics, and why the union uses politicians like good old Teddy Kennedy to filibuster bills like ASSOCIATION HEALTH PLANS. You seem to believe the Unions operate at the same moral level as Jesus. Good one.

    If we put in NHS I better not hear any of you bitching about how you NOW don't have the money to do other stuff....and why can't we get a program of National Food Service, after all, isn't everyone entitled to eat?


    Let him that works, eat Class

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    I would love to have great healthcare for everyone; who wouldn't? Ideally that would be great for all involved but it still comes down to one thing and unless I missed it, no one has answered this yet. From where/whom will the new money come? 3.3% from employers... to start. What if that isn't enough? Each website I've seen here is pro-national healthcare. Obviously biased.

    I've read in this thread of people that are currently sick and can't rely on their medicare/medicaid to take care of them. Why in the world would you want to put more faith in a system run by the same inefficient party? Do you really think anything is going to change.

    For any reason you give "for" National Health Care, simply replace NHC with National Education System or DMV. Why would it be any different since it will be not-for-profit in 15 years.

    You want to fix healthcare, reform the Insurance carriers along with their lobbyists. Stop throwing money into a broken system.

    p.s. Oh yeah, and I'm all for privatizing the school system as well.

  • LDH

    The more I think about all the people who say "I'm just working for the insurance" the madder I get. As soon as we put in NHS, these freaking losers will QUIT. Then they will claim unemployment and food stamps.

    What we need is a freaking twelve step program for our politicians, "How to wean losers off of Entitlement Programs and the belief that the lazy are just as valuable as the hard working"

    Step one--get rid of the freaking bleeding heart liberal politicians.


    I thought I was a Registered Independent, now I think I'm a Republican Class

  • SixofNine

    Such a sweetie pie!

  • LDH

    You say Tomato, I say ..... REALIST.

    Try adding something to the conversation other than played-out sitcom comebacks. Oh wait, you can't.

  • LDH

    Of course, it's obvious someone has won the argument when they resort calling.

  • LittleToe

    Someone has their panties in a bunch...

    I've worked in healthcare for over 7 years, starting in General Practices - surrounded by the very doctors and nurses who administer pap smears. How close to ground level have you worked, and have you discussed the subject extensively with these doctors?

    Again you miss the point - you limit your research to your own State. The thread has already started to show that standards vary around the USA, North America, the Northern Hemisphere, and the world in general.

    You also haven't a clue about the level of emotion in my response. I'm British - please feel assure that my written communication is close to emotionless (read the letters page in the Times, if you don't believe me). Personally I have little quibble with the US system if it works for them, but I know our British system better and IMHO it appears more inclusive. I'll be the first to admit that it has it's flaws (it employs me, for starters ), but it is most certainly more inclusive, and I'd rather see my tax money poured into that than sending our boys to the Middle East.

    This isn't a new innovation. Inform yourself:

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