Are Faders Making It Too Easy For The WT?

by ThomasCovenant 27 Replies latest jw experiences

  • IP_SEC

    Well depends on what you mean by 'easy'

    In the end its just a matter of time. If everyone fader, dissatisfied person DA'd it would deal a tough blow to the JWs. It would be immediately felt in practically all congos.

    But fading is just as harmful to the WTS as DAing, maybe moreso in the long run. Faders/nonactives are dead weight to the WTS. Many get liturature but dont contribute. None of the contribute to selling liturature.

    Faders are insidious internal spys, they keep the WTS guessing, wondering who they can trust.

  • willyloman

    There's one fatal flaw in your analogy: The Nazis aren't still holding our families captive.

  • purplesofa

    Watchtower teachings infiltrate every aspect of ones life.

    It could take years to figure everything out. One could fade without it even being at a conscience level. It takes time to wake up and heal.

    We are all made up differently, have different personalities..........some of us can't even begin to think of making a huge statement from the years of abuse.

    A passive fader could be a very aggressive force once healed.


  • MinisterAmos

    The only guilty parties are the rules-makers in the Org who continue its' abusive legacy.

    Ex-Dubs are still very attuned to the ways that the Org manipulates its' followers to get them to perform or feel shame for not following guidelines. They have already broken away. To suggest that they should somehow do more under penalty of guilt for the ones who are still in is absurd.

  • hartstrings

    I may be a fader, but that doesn't mean I have been passive. I definitely am not vindictive though. By being vindictive the WT would still be controlling my emotions, and I will never give them control of my life again. I feel that living a full life is the best testament to the evils of the WT. Instead of tearing the WT down, I choose to take positive steps in helping victims rebuild their lives.

    I am a big advocate for the little victims of abuse. My goal is to to bring dignity and equal rights to children. If I decided to go up to a person on the street and slap them across the face or butt, I could be arrested. Why is this tolerated toward non-adults?

    I remember the WT would attack "apostates" as never having any good to offer, only to tear down. Well, I am proof that isn't the case. I teach through my behavior tolerance, love, and respect for all life.


  • atypical

    That was a very interesting post. I have to agree with jgnat, though. I think faders are extremely destructive to the society because they are completely beyond any of the society's rules, and therefore impossible to conrol. They are free to speak to active members and pass on information much easier than someone who is supposed to be shunned. They throw a huge monkey wrench into the watchtower machine, in my opinion. But that could just be because I'm a fader - :P

  • thecarpenter

    they are completely beyond any of the society's rules, and therefore impossible to conrol. They are free to speak to active members and pass on information much easier than someone who is supposed to be shunned.

    I think that faders have a little less freedom. Once the elders know that you are speaking apostate ideas to the rank and file, the gig is up. So if you want to speak with the witnesses you still associate with, you have to speak with measured words and hopefully they will be inquisitive enough to check out the societies teachings. But even then you can still be outted.

    You actually have more control over your life once you are df'ed or da'ed. If you want to demonstrate in front of bethel, you can. If you want to tell a blowhard where to go, you can. But if you are a fader, you still have to remain silent while the jdubs are around.

    I have faded but I have to be careful that there are no jdubs around when I go out with a 'worldly' girl (not that I give a sh*t anyway) but I prefer not to lose access to family that is still in the bOrg. (It is great to have a wider pool of women to choose from though, instead of a group who have to actively try to suppress half their minds everyday)

    You can still engage in anti-bOrg behavior such as activist activity but you have to be more clandestine as a fader.

    thecarpenter of the longing to DA class

  • atypical

    You're right on one count, because it's true I can't be as open about "apostate" leanings. But what I mean is that a fader has more freedom within jw circles than someone who has da'd. That's the whole reason some people fade, so that they can be more free to talk to their family and friends. If it weren't for that benefit, I don't think people would go to the trouble of trying to fade out without getting df'd.

  • Forscher
    "When far off, one must seem, close. When near, one must seem far off.
    "When attacking do so from the heights like an eagle. When pursued by a superior force, one must hide in the bowels of the earth."

    Those two loose quotes from Sun Tsu validate us faders, given our circumstances. The issue usually involves not wanting to be cut-off from family members, the cruel punishment meted out to those who wish to leave the WTBTS. The WTBTS is kind of like the Mafia, once in, no one is allowed to just leave. Since the WTBTS holds all the cards in such a situation, it is a "superior force". Some people just can't face the total separation from family members, so they have to adopt the alternate measure while it is still possible.
    They do indeed damage the bOrg since they are no longer a wiilling part of the collective and do not spend the time, money, or efforts propping it up. So be kind to us, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

  • uninformed

    I wish I could fade like Danny Hazzard.

    How I admire that man.

    Sun and Wind personified.


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