Does it hurt you when they cry?

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  • LyinEyes

    I talked to my Dad yesterday , I had some thing to tell him about my sister's death, things I found out at the police station. Well, anyway......he told me that what keeps him going is knowing that he will see Ginger really soon.

    He told me he didnt mean to preach to me but he loves me and wants us all to make it thru the Big A, so we can all be together as a family once again, including my Mom and my sister who have passed away.

    He told me we have to live for our kids,,,,,and help them thru this old system. He told me is is so sure it is only a matter of short time that the end will be here.

    He even told me how they read a letter to make evacuation plans on a book study level, if something should happen,,,,,including any kind of disaster. He didnt say they said it was Armegeddon evacuation plans but that is what he implied as well.

    He didnt really cry as he talked to me, but I could hear the pain in his voice and him choaking back tears. It hurt. Even now, when I know what I know about JW, I will never go back, do not believe it to be true, etc. hurts me to hear him so helples, knowing that right now he can not make me go back.

    I just remember when I was in and I dealt with disfellowshipped friends or family, how much I begged them to come back, how much it hurt that they left "the truth". I have told him I am not going back but he still practicially begs me to come back. I don't know , just venting because it hurts and I know we will never have the relationship we both want because of the JW religion.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Hi Dede

    When people believe a lie their emotions and behavior will match their beliefs.

    It's sad, really sad. They have nothing else to live for but a fantasy. The WTS has taken all possible thoughts for the future in this world and replaced them with the paradise fantasy. Even the reality of death does not help them to see beyond the fanasy. In fact

    Knowing nothing else the fantasy in many becomes even stronger.

  • LovesDubs

    NO ONE knows the day or the hour...NO ONE INCLUDING THE SON OF GOD knows the day or the hour....NOBODY particularly the JWs....knows the day or the hour.

    And exactly where are they going to EVACUATE to if the entire planet is destroyed? Gawd. How were we ever snafued into believing this shit.

    Im sorry you have to hear your dad cry its almost like he wants it SO BAD so he can see his family again. Like if people stop believing in it then God wont do it because they stopped believing.

    Its a Catch 22

  • Highlander

    Sad. If your dad had used his time wisely to enjoy your mom and your sister while they were still alive he would be thankful for the time shared together.

    Instead he has focused his life and efforts on a dream that will never come true. He believes that 'paradise dream' will reunite him with the family, but in reality it's what

    prevented him from spending quality time with loved ones while he had the chance.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Tell him that the thing that should make a father the most happy is seeing his children being happy. Tell him you are happy and still know you will see everyone again, whether he personally believes it or not. Tell him to take comfort in your contentedness.

  • Here4You

    My Dad told me if I attack the Watchtower Society its the same as attacking him.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    My Dad told me if I attack the Watchtower Society its the same as attacking him.

    Tell your Dad, as far as YOU'RE concerned, that isn't possible because he, unlike the WT, has proven himself to be true and genuine.

  • big red
    big red

    My mother is so devout we live in different states now. She has 2 grand kids now she loves. I think she knows me a 3rd generation witness is no longer but she ignors it. I hide our position just because I love her I dread the time we both look at each other and i am forced to tell her. I love my mom but this jw religion is just not good for my kids. What a mess. I love my mom and I'm 43 with the perfect family.

  • Here4You

    Lady Lee, you're very right! Constantly thinking about the paradise that will never arrive. Its been on its way since the Watchtower Started way back in Russell's day. I wonder what Russell would say about his doctrines being adopted to fit Rutherfords policies?

  • Mysterious

    All the former things have passed away and will not be called to mind. Does he remember that he supposedly won't "miss" anyone so if they are determined not to be "saved" it really wont affect his future plans to be happy.

    I don't know, my mom is like that too. I just feel she is throwing away her one chance to know her daughter for a cult.

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