preached throughout the whole earth ???

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  • bebu

    we will not in person reach all parts of the earth with the Kingdom message before Jesus "arrives" as Executioner.

    Never read anything so blunt before regarding their view of Jesus.

    Incredible!!!! Thanks, blondie.

    Ade, I've often wondered about the JW perspective on this question, too. I'm aware of many Christian organizations that work together toward evangelism and Bible distribution (or Gospel recordings for the illiterate) in the remaining dialects and ethnic groups that exist inside the politically defined countries. I think there's something like 2000 defined groups left by that kind of standard.

    I wonder about how the WTS solves the problems of reaching the Middle Eastern countries and N. Korea. That's a pretty big chunk of people to write off to Armageddon...


  • Leolaia

    The NT claims assume the "whole world" to be the Mediterranean area and thus the preaching was already accomplished "throughout the whole inhabited earth" in the first century:

  • hamsterbait

    Bluesie -

    While the individual may not have had a dub knock on the door and had an opportunity to be judged personally on whether they take the magazines and give a contribution, the WTBTS answer:

    Even if the person had not had a call, if they were truly sheeplike they would have been searching off their own intiative as to why things are the way they are.

    (a WT in the 80s said this one)

    HB ( of the Heaving Bucketloads class)

  • heathen

    unbelievable that they have had over a hundred years of preaching and still can't reach the majority . I think Rome conquered the world in less time . It could be more about contacting world leaders and informing them of their imminent annihilation unless they accept the WTBTS as the God appointed government . This whole buisness of sneaking literature in and avoiding persecution is certainly not what the apostles did .

  • Qcmbr

    Surely all you need to do is put the message in an email attached to a virus with a tag line about Kournikova pics and you'll have hit the male population pretty thoroughly....:)

  • BizzyBee

    Using the word "preaching" is a stretch for what most Jdubs do: reluctantly shuffle up to the householder's door and offer up an Awake! article on "Those Amazing Armadilloes!" and high-tail it back to the coffee shop.

    By their response to this farce, people will be judged worthy of life or death?

  • Seeker4

    Most people here in the US have no idea what JWs are preaching door to door, and there are more Witnesses here for longer than any other country.

    With essentially no Witnesses to speak of in China, North and West Africa, India and Pakistan, most of the world's population has never even heard of JWs.

    No, the good news of the kingdom is essentially unknown to most people living right now. Not 1% would be able to tell you what that meant. Matt. 24:14 is as far from being fulfilled as ever.


  • Honesty

    The Watchtower's "preaching work" will never be done to Jerhover's satisfaction.

    Wanna know how come?

    The keeps getting changed.

  • looking_glass

    Even in big cities there are people who have never had a JW come to their door or talk to them about the religion. I have a couple of people at work that only know that JWs do the door knocking thing but they don't know why and they have never had a conversation about the religion. So it is long way off from being preach thru out the earth.

    You would think that this also would cause people in the religion to question it because they keep saying the end is coming, the end is coming yet in the same breath they keep saying the preaching work has to be done thru out the earth and still there are people in the US that have no clue what JWs believe because they have never had one come to their house or had one in their family. Seems like a contradiction if you ask me.

  • Ade

    To Leolaia;(hope i spelled it correctly) The NT claims assume the "whole world" to be the Mediterranean area and thus the preaching was already accomplished "throughout the whole inhabited earth" in the first century: I agree more than completely with you on this point, for the light shone when jesus came ( and this light is truth and can never change ) and this good news was indeed preached in "all the earth that is under creation"-as said by the apostles.obviously this was used by GOD as the epicentre for the good news to spread worldwide. After pointing this out to an Elder and a few other so called knowledgable "truthers" and saying that virtually everyone has heard of GOD and Jesus and we just need to live our lives by the bible "Love" and "examples" that Jesus set.They replied "It cant be that easy" after i pointed out Jesus was searching for "childlike ones" they gave up on their reasoning lol. all the best Ade

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