Ever wonder if an old friend turned apostate?

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  • katiekitten

    I met an old friend from my teenage dub years here on the board - it was great getting a PM saying " is that you? I think I might know you"

    We need a board like Friends Reunited (I guess thats the English version of Classmates.com)

    Id love to know if a pioneer I dated years ago is still in or not. He was hot. But he was crazy for Jehovah, so hes probably still in.

    You know what they say? Theres always one last shag prestudy of the Watchtower in an old date.

  • bavman

    I've been able to get back together with two different old friends (one was my ex brother-in-law) I hadn't seen in close to 20 years since I left the borg. Neither have any interest in these boards as they long ago moved on but they definitely have apostate views. It's a great thing to re-connect like that. Amazing how even after all that time and drama friends will always be friends.

  • JWdaughter

    Des Moines WA Redondo, WA Nutley NJ Montclair NJ

  • Outaservice

    I think that a lot of people use the word 'apostate' and 'in the TRUTH' quite often when it really dosen't apply!

    An ex-JW is not an 'apostate' (if he still accepts and believes in Christ) but more likely the Governing Body is 'apostate'.

    And, a person in the Watchtower Organization is NOT in the TRUTH! They are into lies! Not that they are necessarily bad people, just duped!

    But it is so hard not to use these expressions after being so 'brain washed' with them for so many years! But lets try not to.

    Outaservice (but still in the truth)

  • Mulan

    you have a PM. I think I know Mandy.

  • Jourles

    FYI, here's another thread that has quite a few congregations/years where people went. (Congregation roll call)

  • Highlander

    Updated from my previous post on this thread:

    Luck, wisconsin(I was young, but I believe the KH was in that town, or it might have been in Milltown, or possibly Balsam Lake, Wisconsin)

    Cambridge, MN

    Pine City, MN

    Andover, MN

    Riverside congregation, MN

    KH that I've attended once or twice: Ham Lake, MN. Mora, MN. Coon Rapids, MN Golden Valley, MN(attended once or twice I was chasing a girl there )

    Ok, that's all I can remember at the moment.

  • uninformed

    Brant Jones from:

    1961---Prescott, AZ

    1962-5--Albuquerque, NM

    66--denver, cherry creek

    66-67-68--Prison in Denver, Tucson and Springfield, MO

    69-70--Pio in Ark, N.L.R, and Newport and Conway

    71-76--Aurora, MO

    77-81--Gladewater, TX

    82--Austin, TX

    83-89--Republic, MO

    90-97--Luling, TX

    98-2000--Onion Creek, Austin, TX

    2001-2005--Shawnee KS, Cong. Shawnee, KS.

    2005 to present----------Out of the concentration camp and proud of it.


  • Alana
    I knew a few JW's who were considered weak when I left in 1988. I suspect that half of them have faded out of the Org. (my ex-wife included) They weren't too weak to remember to shun me though, at the time. I doubt any JW's from the Lutz,Fl , Danville , Watseca, Georgetown or Rossville,Illinois Congs. are posters here. But if so, Howdy.


    You have a PM. IL Circuit 3 was my home circuit as I was growing up and I attended more than one of those congregations. Maybe we know each other????

  • ButtLight

    Here is a link where I found a few people I know. Click on html zip file, and open

    Its a list of people and all the cong. they went to!


    It would be so funny to find out you have been chatting with people on here, and knew them hey?

    I will add my congregations

    Washburn Wi

    Phillips Wi

    Marsfield Wi

    Summers, when younger: I was from the ages of 13-18 years old

    Chicago IL

    Bridgeview IL


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