Tick bite/Lyme disease...any experiences with this?

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  • restrangled

    Dear All,

    My husband came back from a 3 day camping trip in Northern IL. He was fine up until last week.

    Suddenley, he was so exhausted, achey, and had a constant headache 2 weeks later. He literally did not have the energy to get out of bed the past 4 days. This is an active in shape man, aged 48, with no physical problems.

    Low and behold we found a huge red rash on the back of his leg. A solid ring of red measuring 6 inches accross, with a small purple center.

    At first we thought it was a bite from a recluse spider but learned they are rare in Florida. After further research, the rash and his sysmptoms mimicked lyme disease. He is at the doctor's office right now, but I am concerned that here in Florida, Dr.s have little to no experience with ticks. His symptoms have been the mirror of a lyme disease infection.

    Any experiences or suggestions.



  • restrangled

    I am replying to my own post. Husband back from the doctor. He is in very serious condition due to confirmed lyme disease.

    Just thought you might all like to know. Large red perfect circle rash, exhaustion, cough, headache, and aches.

    Doctor in Florida took one look and went nuts that he had not been in sooner. We thought it was the flu until rash was found.

    Just for your FYI.

    Thanks for listening.

  • jb


    I'm so sorry your husband is ill. I live in New England and we have ticks everywhere here. I was bit about a year ago and discovered it 4 days later. I went and they gave me a one day treatment of meds. And it never got worse. My monster-in-law had lyme and was very sick like your hubby. But she made a full recovery.

    I wish you and your hubby the best.

  • serendipity

    Hi restrangled

    I know this must worry you. I hope hubby will make a speedy recovery.

  • talley

    My self and our dog both had lymes and were treated with a month's course of tetracycline (sp).

    This was several years ago so there may be new treatment protocols now. Glad your hubby's dr. recognized the seriousness of the situation and made the proper diagnosis.

    I hope he makes a full recovery. Best Wishes to you both.


  • Forscher

    Oh My!!
    that's a nasty little bugger. Here is a link to the Lymes disease association, it should have the info you need if you haven't already found what you'll need.



  • AudeSapere

    An associate of my pulmonologist specializes in the treatment of Lyme disease.

    I have no personal experience or anecdotal information to share.

    Sorry to hear of this trouble. Thanks for sharing the symptoms.


  • crazyblondeb

    Your husband is indeed lucky they found it so fast. Back in '85 I went hunting and was bit. Amonth later I moved to Texas. For 3 moths I was ssssooooo sick. My doctor tried everything. But back then it was almost unheard of. Especially in tx. It got to the point to afftected my memory. I had to drop out of nursing school, couldn't take care of my daughter. He finally figured in out. I was in the hospital 1 month. I had specialists coming in from everywhere in the state. Afterwards, it took several months to recover and I had to live at home for awhile. They think the fibromalagia I have is from that.

    Hope he is better soon.


  • GermanXJW

    Sorry to hear that but good that you noticed so early, some people do not notice at all and never get to know why they got sick. I think your husband is getting some antibiotic now which should help. Hope he gets well soon again.

    There is no vaccination against Lyme disease so best is to prevent tick bites.

    One thing is to protect your body by cloths.

    Repellents against mosquitoes also protect against ticks.


  • Justice-One

    When in tick country I use Sawyers time release Deet, AND I have treated my clothes ahead of time with Sawyers Military Style Permethrin clothing treatment. I have never found a tick on me alive. BTW, this reminds me of something I once heard about the word Politics.....Poly meaning more than one, and tic, blood sucking parasite. Yup, works for me.

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