What Are Unwritten Rules & Understandings That "Good" JWs Will Adhere To?

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  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    yea...thats one rule i didnt like....

  • Priest73

    The No beard thing always bugged me. Why did I have to look like I worked on Wall Street? Oh yeah, for the 'Love of Money.' I think I read in a book some where, not to go beyond the things written. Oh yeah. The bible.

    Also ear rings and tattoos. Of which I have both. oh yeah and my nipples (TMI =-) )

  • blondie

    *** km 4/72 p. 4 Question Box ***

    Is it appropriate for the audience to applaud each part of the ministry school or service meeting?

    Audiences composed of Jehovah’s Witnesses are truly appreciative. It is a fine thing that they want to show that appreciation for the efforts of their brothers and the material they present from the platform. In some parts of the world in our day such appreciation may be indicated by applause. But applause should be spontaneous, from the heart. Also, it is usually an expression of appreciation for something out of the ordinary. And so, at large assemblies, including circuit assemblies, when special programs are arranged for and our brothers devote additional time and effort to their assignments, we find the audience applauding not only at the end of the talk but sometimes during it.

  • minimus

    Speaking of applauding, at District Conventions, I never could see why they started clapping after the day's end prayer...

  • Arthur

    Here's My Top 11 Pics

    1) Don't refer to Jesus too much.

    2) Don't bring any other Bible translation to the meeting other than a NWT.

    3) In service, when someone behind a closed door says: "who is it?", don't say that you are a JW, say that you are a Bible student.

    4) At assemblies, after all of the announcements are done, don't sit until the chairman says: "please be seated".

    5) Don't ever read self help books about financial or career advancement. (JWs are supposed to have lousy jobs that they don't like - this shows that they are theocratic)

    6) When you are at a museum, and you come across a display of Homo Erectus, or Cro Magnon Man, make sure that you sneer at it and call it worldly wisdom; even if you don't know what the hell "cro-magnon" even means.

    7) When major doctrinal flip-flops happen, act very happy and applaud the organization for it's "flashes of light."

    8) Don't ever say anything remotely positive about the Israelis.

    9) Don't even think about reading a book on evolution. (Remember, Charles Darwin is the devil)

    10) Act happy, but don't act too happy. (remember, if you are not struggling, opressed, and being persecuted in some way, something is wrong with you).

    11) And lastly, make sure that when the name Raymond Franz comes up, to use the most viceral and ugly language in deriding that "wily ole apostate".

    My friends, if you do these 11 things, you are one who is letting your "theocratic advancement be known"

    Now, excuse me while I go vomit.

  • grey matters
    grey matters

    Find a way to get out of jury duty.

    I guess that's a conscience matter, but in the conservative congregation that I grew up in "conscience matter" was newspeak for "we won't disfellowship you for this, but you will go nowhere in the org if you do it".

  • gaiagirl

    Children should sit with parents. Teens of opposite gender never sit together unless they are dating and pursuing marriage.

  • minimus

    Voting is a conscience matter-----just like taking blood.

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