Are Jehovah's Witnesses communists?

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  • IW

    Are Witnesses communists? Are exJWs prone to paranoia?

  • Sparkplug

    This reminds me so much of an article I read about "Is America Fascist?"

    I have buzzed over it for a week. I know I am not fully aware of things, so I had to go and research fascism. I swear nothing is simple.

    Check it out.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Jehovahs Witnesses are not columnists. They do not even contribute to any colums that I read.

    In fact, I believe that if you ever looked at their own magazines, you could hardly call them columnists due to the bad writing! It is terrible I tell you! If you don't believe me, look for yourself. Truly shocking, banal, completely worthless and deceptive writing at best!

    True columnists do their research... they tell the truth! In fact... *whispers: what? ... Communists?... *embarrased silence*...*


    (my apologies to Gilda Radner)

  • bebu

    lol @ jeannie

    Dat was gud.

    I've always seen the connections between JWs and communism, but I appreciate Gary's piece, too. I guess controlling people to the extent that communism and fascism do, there's bound to be overlap in practices.


  • jeanniebeanz

    Thanks, Bebu. I'm glad at least one person caught the reference... Man... I am getting old...

  • atypical

    Something in Gary's post really said it all for me: "at the expense of the individual" - I have not studied politics, but I do find the notion that people who are not promoting the ideals of the leader, i.e. people who are not profitable, are therefore expendable, to be extremely nauseating. I also feel that is exactly the attitude of the society.

    Whatever political ideals it might match up with, I think it is a fact that individualism and self-worth are deliberately stifled in the organization.

  • plmkrzy

    Look closely at who is where and what they're doing

    Hiking in the wilderness will be a lot different without mosquito’s and little girls will be able to wear their Sunday go to meetin’ shoes because there will no longer be blisters.

    But seriously, insert rolling eyes

    I recall many conversations over the years, when I was still attending meetings, about how our lives would unfold in the new system. I remember one sister in particular that figured out we would each have at least 1 acre to ourselves due to the small number that would survive Armageddon and the rate of reproduction before the thousand year reign was over and people stopped reproducing because the earth was finally filled. I have no idea how she came up with that. But I did notice there were many that had their own ideas of what life would be like, including myself. It's all imagination.


  • james_woods

    An interesting cross section of opinion, here - and it seems to me to pretty much parallel previous opinions that I recall.

    I count about 6 opinions that say the JW philosophy has "some features" similar to communistic thought. (Nobody seems to be saying they are actually "party members" or anything...).

    I count about 9 or 10 opinions that deny the JW philosophy has any communist tendencies - one strongly supporting the idea that the WT is fascist, and 2 or 3 making apologies for communism (as if it could be a good thing), and saying the WT is sort of "unworthy" of the true communist ideal. (or at least that was the flavor I got...).

    How about this as an idea: while there are some obvious behavioral similarities to both fascism and communism (if we are strictly fair about it) - their underlying "anti-political" and "theocratic" philosophy is a lot more like the radical muslim totalitarian world-view. I.E. - we speak for the one true Allah and every single other government and religion is from Satan. I think they (the JWs) hate democracy every bit as much as the so-called "president" of Iran! In fact, I cannot think of a world-view and religious "theocracy" closer to the JW philosophy than radical Islam.


  • ozziepost

    Thanks for your input, James - interesting thought.

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