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  • Perry

    Yes, They are trying to get the divorce rate down that is out of control in the congregations right now. This lovely couple has just had their "thinking" re-adjusted.

  • daniel-p

    No, they do not have science labs - those are for learning, and discovering. They don't do that naughty stuff at Bethel.

  • SirNose586

    Hey, you never know. Maybe they're trying to make a mind control pill, and just distribute that to all the congregations so they can cut down on the amount of literature they have to produce!


    Yes,you can see them everywhere.They`re called Kingdom Halls,the buildings with no windows.Makes for great sensory deprivation.What do they do in there?They turn out mindless drones,that have no will of thier own.The ones with any intelligence,either escape or are tossed out.The rest peddle magazines none of them will remember in 10 yrs..LOL!!!...OUTLAW

  • skeeter1

    Perry, Maybe the high divorce rate has to do with the no sex tools policy? Imagine the experiments Skeeter

  • earthtone

    You guys are funny! Where do you come up with this? Over will I just develop this sacrastic wit, with time? Lmao @ some of these posts.

  • Perry

    Why do some of my pictures I post on here just disappear and get replaced with the dreaded red X ?

  • sir82

    Yes, yes they do, and at this very moment, celebrated Watchtower scientists are working in close cooperation with celebrated Watchtower scholars to work out the final kinks in the "day for a year" carbonless dating system, whereby the apparent 1 billion year fossil record is harmonized to the Bible's accurate chronology of only 49,000 years of earthly history. Look for a special Awake! edition coming in January 2007.

  • Bstndance

    It's more ironic that Scientologists probably don't have a sciene lab.

  • james_woods

    Well, seriously, the scientologists did "invent" the e-meter.

    It is a wheatstone bridge skin conductivity meter. They hook you up to it and yell crap at you like "did you ever do an act of bestiality" or "Xenu the alien gathered all the bad spirits in the Galaxy and crammed them into volcanos here on Earth".

    They repeatedly do this until you can take it without noticeably "twitching" the needle on the e-meter.

    This is what they call "auditing". It costs from hundreds up to thousands of dollars. It must be repeated throughout life.

    Maybe this goes a long way to explain Tom Cruise as we now know him?

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