How do you deal with "Injustice"

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    You have to decide where you are going to draw the line in the sand
    But in the end you may have to lick your own wounds and heal without justice. It can be done.
    Life is not fair.

    But I do what I think is best in a given circumstance, to the best of my knowledge and ability and influence to the best degree possible.

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    In the late eighties I had a job at an aircraft company.
    I liked the job.

    I was approached by the elders of our cong and was told that the job I had
    was not suitable for christians. We made parts for the F16, F27, F50, etc also parts for the NATO.
    They left it to my "conscience" whether or not I should quit.
    I quit the job, which till this day I regret.
    I took almost every available job I could get so I could support my family.
    That turnrd out to be one of the most difficult periods in my life.

    That's not the issue though.

    In the time I was working there (and I did not know this then) the WT had shares in Randcam!
    I'm still naive enough to believe the elders who counseled me that they knew nothing about the Rancam affair.
    I bet they still don't know.

    My question is: How can the WT on one end have shares in Warfare Technology and on the other hand
    tell their followers not to have anything to do with it?

    (sounds like the UN question: How can they say at one end that it's against Jehovah to affiliate with the
    Scarlet-colored wild beast, yet on the other hand the WT affiliated with this "beast ".)?

    (I don't think the UN is a beast at all. These are the WT 's words.)

    Talk about injustice here? No words to describe such hypocrisy and dishonesty and lack of love.

    How I deal with this injustice? I'm doing it right here.
    To expose the WT for what they really are.
    I will not be silenced by a group of geriatric madmen.

    Never again.


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