16 year old girl HANGED in Iran

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  • Rabbit

    This is one of the saddest things I've read. I could not help seeing parallels in JW & other 'high control' religions. The WT even said at one time, "Unfortunately, today we must obey governmental laws..." They were discussing the wonderful range of draconian punishments available under the Mosaic law but, not to "Christians" today.

    The GB laments the passing of "the good old days." But, those "good old days" are here again in Iran, Afghanistan or anywhere the "separation of church & state" is watered down, blurred or non-existent.


    An excerpt:



  • Gill

    Atefah was executed in 2004 amongst much outcry from human rights organizations and despite a petition from her local towns folk.

    What was exceptionally unusual about his case was that hanging for under 18s is illegal in IRan. The judge in this case went out of his way to convict this girl, who had no representation and he lied about her age saying she was 22. He personally executed her. This was a strange case as she was executed for admitting having been abused by a man much older than her father for many years. Because of these sexual assaults against her she was killed. The man received 92 lashes.


    What was also brought out in this case, is that girls are regularly arrested for riding in cars with relatives, or any silly little things. Once arrested they are easy prey for the 'Moral Police'. They are sexually assaulted, raped etc by these 'Moral Men.'

    Human rights Organizations want to know why the women are punished, and even killed, and yet so few men are actually punished for 'questionable behaviour!'

  • avengers

    Long live the Muslims!

    Long live the Watchtower!

  • Crumpet

    I watched a documentary about this last week - it is truly disgraceful. The girl never had a chance - her mother died when she was small and her father in his grief became a drug addict.

    It made me think of what my parents used to say - how lucky I was that we were living in the 20 century because they would have had to publically stone me to death by now. That was when I was 14.

  • Gill

    ((((((( Crumpet )))))))) What a bad ass pair of parents you had!

    But there it is really..... this God of the first five books of the Bible that Christians and Muslims alike worship. He had some terrible, fear inspiring laws, mostly against the vulnerable. Men always came out smelling of Roses. Seems to me, that these were not inspired by some loving, wonderful God, but a bunch of hard line Ayatollahs, Jewish High Priests...whatever, to keep the weaker, the more vulnerable and the poorer under their control.

    The laws of the Middle East, and their prejudices against women, children and less powerful men are a total disgrace, to themselves. The love of religion, which equals power, is the root of all evil. We see it in practice in highly religious societies....evil rules.

    Atefah's murder by the state, should stand as a lesson to all religious people, that perhaps what they think of as God's law, is really a very corrupt man made law.....unless God is evil and very corrupt!

    There was some hope for Atefah. She had a young man who loved her very much. Given a chance, he may have been able to save her from such a diabolical fate. This is what made me wonder, if this young man was in some way related to the Judge who murdered Atefah. He had not wanted to be related to a young woman who had suffered so terribly and so decided to 'pull the rope' himself.

    Either ways...this was a public murder, all in the name of religion.

    It's time that religion was given the Big Boot! Then we can start on the problem of Racism!

  • jambon1

    The more I read about religion, the more I utterly detest it.

  • Rabbit


    It made me think of what my parents used to say - how lucky I was that we were living in the 20 century because they would have had to publicly stone me to death by now. That was when I was 14.

    That's scary. By now all my 3 kids would have been stoned/hanged/shot for youthful sexual curiosity if they lived under those kind of religious laws. And like you, how many millions of other teenagers or children are at risk right now ? Or in the future ?

    I will never vote for another very religious person. Fundamentalism is the new communism, as far as being a danger to the world's peace hopes.


  • AlmostAtheist
    However, the age of sexual consent for girls under Sharia law - within the confines of marriage - is nine, and furthermore, rape is very hard to prove in an Iranian court.

    Isn't that lovely? How utterly sick of a thought is that?


    Isn't it amazing, too, that religious rules NEVER consider the circumstances? Her life sucked from day 1, but all they care about is whether their idiotic rules were violated. Very reminiscent of the Watchtower's "if you don't scream, it ain't rape" rule. It may not be fair to want to sweep away all religion based on this sort of stuff, but it sure is tempting...


  • Rabbit


    Thanks for pointing out the "age of consent" part. It really shows how much females are held in contempt there. To take a little 9 year old girl into a marriage is the most sickening form of control.

    Here in the US a congressman from Tennessee, Democrat, Lincoln Davis wants adultery...to become a Felony !

    Congressional Transcript:

    LINCOLN DAVIS: Marriage is for life, and this amendment needs to include that basic tenant. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, I think we should expand the scope of the amendment to outlaw divorce in this country. Going further Mr. Speaker, I believe in fidelity. Adultery is an evil that threatens the marriage and the heart of every marriage, which is commitment.
    How can we as a country allow adulterers to go unpunished and continue to make a mockery of marriage? Again by doing so, what lessons are we teaching our children about marriage? I certainly think that it shows we are not serious about protecting the institution and this is why I think the amendment should outlaw adultery and make it a felony. Additionally, Mr. Speaker, we must address spousal abuse and child abuse. Think of how many marriages end in a divorce or permanent separation because one spouse is abusive.
    And, Mr. Speaker, I personally think child abuse may be the most despicable act one can commit. This is why if we are truly serious about protecting marriage to the point we will amend the constitution, we should extend the punishment of abuse to prevent those who do such a hideous act from ever running for an elected position anywhere.
    We should also prevent those who commit adultery, or get a divorce, from running for office. Mr. Speaker, this House must lead by example. If we want those watching on CSPAN to actually believe we are serious about protecting marriage, then we should go after the other major threats to the institution. Not just the threat that homosexuals may some day be allowed to marry in a state other than Massachusetts. An elected official should certainly lead by example.

    I agree child/spousal abuse issues need to be addressed.

    Divorces can be a terrible thing for a family to go thru, but it can also be a good thing. Either way, the decision remains with the couple and THEIR moral compass -- not the governments. Do we want "moral police" in the US ? Can you imagine the millions of parents or married people langusihing in huge prisons serving sentences for adultery ? What will be next...masturbation, same sex acts, 'dirty' movies, oral sex, kissing before marriage...where does it end ?

    Let's hope the WTS doesn't change their stance on JW's holding political office and voting.


  • Gill

    What is equally scary is that Islam, or Islamic Fundamentists, want to convert, or forcibly change the world to Islam. Recently, a Islamic leader in the UK, was interviewed on the news prophecying that 'Sharia Law will come to the UK and the rest of the world, in time.'

    I would be fighting this in the streets as an old lady, if I had to. IT's one of those things that many people would stand up and be counted for and be willing to lay down their lives for.

    Hopefully, this attitude does not signal another world war, in time.

    In the mean time, the suffering of those, like Atefah in Islamic countries, needs to be shown and exposed. Moderate Muslims in the west need to see what their religion REALLY stands for......and it is NOTHING good or peaceful! The peace and good, that portrayed by Islam, is brought about by the restrictions on bad behaviour that we have in the west. 'Bad behaviour' is not sex out of marriage. Bad behaviour is the Murder of a 16 year old girl, through Sharia Law, simply for having been raped. That IS bad behaviour.

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