September Special Issue Awake - Creation

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  • james_woods

    I agree - while they may really well be "intelligent creationists", they sure don't want to admit that anybody else is right about anything.

    -- Including the "intelligent creationists".

    What a supercilious load of it on "avoiding public activity over the issue" on grounds of "Christian Neutrality"! It sure never bothered them to go all the way to the supreme court whenever their precious "flag salute" issue came up. If they really believe this creationist stuff so much, then wouldn't the same principle apply to evolution things taught in school (I mean in comparison to saluting the flag)? Shouldn't they try to keep their kids out of normal science and biology class too? Of course, the active athiests have now taken up the gauntlet of trying to kill the flag salute in school, leaving the fundies to fight for "bible science study" to replace evolution. So, I guess they don't have to do much on either, as long as somebody else can carry the water for them.

    Wait, what am I saying? For them - a fundie "bible science study" would be just as wrong and bad as Darwin himself! (Might get indoctrinated into being born again, you know)...

    And further on this line of thought - isn't this the same magazine where whole sections are devoted to some kooky college professor who thinks that the "flagellem of bacteria disprove evolution" because obviously nothing so complex could possibly evolve! Is this guy the Ward Churchill of intelligent creation or what? They quote him where it is convenient for them, but his real overall view is kind of glossed over (selective evolution in limited steps). He is kind of on their side, but still part of the evil system of things - after all, he is a worldly college professor!!!

  • jayhawk1

    Tuesday, you might be annoyed, but hopefully you don't live in Kansas where my daughter will be taught Creation as fact and Evolution as theory.

  • james_woods

    This just in, Jayhawk1...

    TOPEKA, Kan. - Conservative Republicans who approved classroom standards that called evolution into question lost control of the state Board of Education in Tuesday's primary election.

    Five of the 10 seats on the board were up for election in the primary, the latest skirmish in a seesawing battle between faith and science that has opened Kansas up to international ridicule.

    Last November, the Board of Education’s 6-to-4 conservative Republican majority rewrote testing standards for public schools to incorporate language supported by advocates of intelligent design, which holds that life is so complex it must have been created by some kind of higher power. The new standards say that some aspects of evolution are contradicted by scientific evidence.

    Maybe now they will get some reason back into place...

  • jayhawk1

    Oh good. I don't have much time for politics like I should. Thanks for the update! The only thing I am certain on is I am not voting for Kathleen Sebelius for Governor. I don't like her plan to allow illegal immigrants to get college education and drivers liscences at my expense. But that would be for another thread.

  • Tuesday

    OMG I would be freaking out if my kid was taught that in Science class. I would ask the science teacher to show proof of evolution, then ask them to produce proof of God. And not look at the stuff around you proof, I mean concrete evidence. Like ask them for creation right there in the class room.

  • moshe

    "look how wonderful everything is! surely it was designed by a God who loves us!"

    What a bunch of crock.
    If G-d loves his creatures , then why did he allow so many to be destroyed in one life extinction event after another. Did G-d get mad at big bad T-rex and bring their armageddon on them with an asteroid crash?- setting the stage for mammals to reign supreme. The fossil record shows a violent record of past destructions. Either it was all due to random chance or we have a G-d who gets upset with his so-called perfect creation and cleanses the earth periodically and creates a new batch of creatures- over and over again. Where is the Intelligent design in this?
    What would a thinking person conclude? When the next extinction event occurs in one year or 10,000- and it will- and G-d doesn't step in to avert it, then the discussion about this topic will be settled.

  • katiekitten
    "look how wonderful everything is! surely it was designed by a God who loves us!"

    Then why did he create pubic lice for ladybirds? Its not like theyre going to learn a moral lesson from it.

    It just dont make sense to me!

  • Carmel


    Would those be fabrici lice

  • ithinkisee

    "Or you may wish to investigate some of the evidence yourself and reach your own conclusion."

    Did anyone else notice their use of the word "some"?

    Why not investigate ALL the evidence ... not just SOME?


  • daniel-p
    Why not investigate ALL the evidence ... not just SOME?

    Because that might take time away from our Christian ministry!

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