Experience from a circuit assembly in Ft. Worth Texas

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  • MegaDude

    Our brothers and sisters are leaving the Organization and returning to God.

  • jeeprube

    Somebody pass the puke bag!

    Pukeeee! Ooopps, too late.

  • xjwms


    Thats a story

    and with such detail...!!!

  • Honesty
    Our brothers and sisters are leaving the Organization and returning to God.

    Praise Him, forever.

    Half empty kingdom Halls and full parking lots at the churches of "Christendom" should be a no-brainer for dubs.

    Oh wait, I forgot about Matthew 7:13-14.

  • moomanchu



    I like your story better, I hope it gets better yet!

  • monkeyshine

    Did you guys ever here the one about the kid born into "the truth"?

    Yeah, it goes...5 years old the kid gives his first talk. Everyone does nothing but praise him. 3 times a week from then on he gets treated like Michael Jordan when he steps into the hall. "We got a future preacher on our hands here", they say with a giant grilled cheese smile. Only, the young "preacher" doesn't realize that praise is only paper thin. HOW COULD HE? Day in and day out the SAME information is fed to him. (Now I see why there were all those talks about a child's mind being a sponge, and teach them from birth.) It's true! Who would have known if you tell a child something every day and shelter them from ANY outside opinion they will be obedient?

    To shorten this up a bit let's skip through all the heartache starting 6 months after his baptism at 14 y.o., and go to the meat. 19 years old and his "worldly girlfriend" is pregnant. ( the best thing that ever happened to him by the way for more than one reason) Of course the young "preacher" was brought before the unflawed ELDERS. (so scared at the time now it seems silly) He would not agree to leaving his wicked harlot of a woman and the devil child produced so he was DF'd. Had he lied and said he was sorry it would of been O.K. But the young man maybe still remembered his teaching and gave it to them straight.

    Now the boy was on his own. Out in the world without the least bit of "real world" teaching. Only the grand story he was fed regularly. What did the baby bird do when the door of his sheltering parents opened? HE FLEW!!! Never slowly introduced to the world he experianced E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! At once! NOT healthy.

    So in conclusion, everything turned into severe drug addiction. (still his fault, no excuses) And what was that guiding light that finally woke our young "preacher" off of that sidewalk after 5 years of homelesness? Can ya guess? It was ALL that teaching an that in depth knowledge of the organization. Oh, not that it was time to write his letter and get back into the flock! But it was that same teaching that opened his eyes to a NEW light!!! He realized that there was another way. Who know's what the other way is but that's not important. What was important is that there IS another way! No more shame, he's not crazy after all.

    Our young man has been clean from Heroine for 5 years!!! He's an intrugal part of his son's life once more! His mind is free! Yeah, those same "brothers and sisters" with the grilled cheese smiles no longer look his way. They even turn away at the sight of him. Even knowing the strides he took to save his own life and live pure, not even a hello. But that's O.K. he's free. It was a long road, but he is free.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Moneyshine, that was very moving. Welcome aboard the good ship JWD. We're glad you're here. "Grilled cheese smile" -- what an image that evokes!

  • monkeyshine

    Thanks Nathan I am so happy to have found this site. I found this and other sites similar to this on Russell an Rutherford etc. etc. etc. yesturday morning and I lie to you not I have been reading ever since. I didn't sleep last night! With the pyramid grave and the watchtower quotes....

    I must have been absent the day they tought all that!!! The internet is a blessing for us all. Thanks everyone for the info.

  • BizzyBee

    Heart-warming stories. The first one, not so much.

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