Dallas Apostafest 2006 Photos Update

by Sparkplug 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sparkplug

    I thought this would be easier. The other thread got bogged down by the images, so I have removed the photos. This tends to change the clarity a bit, but it is a lot easier to access and the speed is an Nice. Enjoy.


    I forgot to mention that a few may look strange because I did a hacked up job trying to take several posters out of a shot. (Just thought you should know)

  • ozziepost

    Well done Sparkie!

    These are some of the most brilliant photos I've ever seen of a group event - such clarity and so interesting - each shot tells a story. now that's photography!

    Oh, in case you wondered, portarits are my favorite photography.

    Cheers from downunder, Ozzie

  • Kudra

    Beautiful people- you all look so relaxed and happy- I would love to go to one of these!
    Can you put the names in for those of us enjoying the experience vicariously?

  • Spectre


  • Kudra

    Hi Spectre
    We'll carpool- it'll be like Thelma and Louise only we'll skip the Grand Canyon ;)
    BTW I see you're comin up on post #666!!!

  • Sparkplug

    Kudra, I will put your name in as long as you put my name in for one of your many adventures. I am in dire need of more life pumped into my veins during the 9 to 5 thing I do each day. I need to live vicariously while on the clock.Deal?

    Hey Spectre! Most wonderful hair dude! How are you? It has been a bit.

    Ozzie. Glad you like them! Easy subjects help! You do know we passed the camera a bit so I cannot take all the credit? There is several people who took shots on my camera. (I bet they see this thread and will know who took what!)

  • wednesday

    for some reason I can't view them i'm redirected to an aol search for that website. any clues?

  • Sparkplug

    I don't know. Does anyone else know why Wendy cannot access? I have not encountered that problem yet.


  • Kudra

    Sparkplug- I think I might see Merry in Idaho this weekend!
    Can you make it?
    I'm on my way to Montana- speakin about guys in chaps... ;)

  • AudeSapere

    Oh!! PLEASE?? Can we have some names.

    I know that Ross (LittleToe) is the guy who's in all but 2 frames...!! But the rest I'm not so sure about.

    Arrowstar and SparkPlug I recognize. Ballistic is there, too (Looked a little concerned in one or two shots.)

    I saw Valis in one, I think - and several (Nice!) ones of IP-SEC.

    The rest I need help with.


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