Did you forget how to make friends?

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  • diamondblue1974

    Did I forget how to make friends? Well I suppose (as already been noted) that we were never taught how to make friends...not real friends anyway but I was lucky enough to find two very good friends whilst in the Borg who are still here today. I have a firm belief that everybody that is 'genuine' has or will leave the witnesses at some point and this was true of my strongest childhood friendships. I was probably the last of us to leave or fade away. Somehow I think I was lucky to have the friendships I did and they survived numerous attempts by my ex wife to isolate me from them and, as mentioned above, still remain close for which I am eternally grateful. I began my fade at 20 years old and I split from my ex wife when I was about 27 or 28; of course this meant I was in a position to branch out and make new friends. I found it helped to understand what it is that true friendship means and this ultimately allows you to measure yourself as to whether or not you make a good friend for someone else. Of course it does help you to assess what you are looking for in friendships too. I havent looked back since and the friendships I have now far outweigh those in comparison that are prepared to shun, judge and condemn. I face some life changing decisions right now and some hard choices in my personal life; I know for a fact that I can rely on true friends to be on my side when I need them to be...even if I am grossly in the wrong. They are honest and have my best interests at heart when they offer an opinion. They also know they can count on me to reciprocate that back too. Did I forget how to make friends....well probably not in light of the above, I think its like riding a bike...when you fall off you have to get back on again pretty soonish but when you do it might be a bit shaky for a few hundred yards but in the end the old skills are either there or can be learned.

  • KW13

    Its not like that for me, i have both real friends and online ones.

    The reason i come here, is because at the moment i don't know any real apostates who live locally so it feeds my habit.

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