We are a Return Visit for the Mormans

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  • mckay

    qcmbr, you seem to have the narrow view of mormism that comes from recieving your knowledge of church history from LDS source only. Branch out and try those evil driven non-mormon's writings of church history, maybe they're not all lies. And maybe the LDS source of history is a little biased as is everything written.

    I wasn't going to comment on this thread again as it's probably the wrong place for a mormon discussion but since it came back to the top again I'll give it a go.

  • Qcmbr

    I do read lots of ex-lds / anti-LDS work. I just come to a different conclusion.

    Praise - I get combative when I feel threatened especially by two of my pet hates:

    1/ The 'I've had a bad experience' line of argument that then uses logic to suggest that idea/church/group x is all like that. The world is full of offended people looking for validation in pulling down others structures.
    2/ The personal attackers - there is a thin line between discussing / critiquing an idea and turning it into a personal assault (I am not guiltless.)

    The difficulty for me is wanting to share 'me' in an online forum where the rules of normal social contact are (quite rightly) not applicable - its hard for me to switch off the feelings and so my posts will often swing between concilitary / harsh / incredulous / daft depending on how I feel. In my smarter moments I walk away from conflict but I have a short fuse and I am easily sucked in. As (mostly) ex-JWs you know that when you loved your religion an attack on it was personal - its normal clan behaviour - and just like Scholar and thirdwitness its hard to shut up and put up when people are throwing rocks at your house. Real religion is never found in dogma but when we discuss it it often seems to dissolve into that.

    I'm off to bed before I offend anyone else:P

  • oldflame


    I am not offended by anything you stated in you remarks. I really don't care about Mormon religion because after all it is just another cult. They create lies in order to control. Well guess what, I am proud to say I am no longer a Mormon because now in my life I have a true ruler which is Christ. No matter what happened in my past with the Mormons I have never made an excuse for my actions. I believe and will die in order to protect my Family or Friends and by no means will anyone enter my home without my permission, without coming into a conflict by me.

    So when the Elder stuck his foot in my door to keep me from shutting my door that was the point where I step in and do the right thing and protect my home and family. Maybe you would be corwardly and let the intruder in I don't know but it is not my attitude. I was merely sharing a experience with the Morons and I. I went to that Bishop in good faith, no one asked me too or threaten me to go tell the Bishop.

    Today I could careless about Mormon religion as I now know that it is just another cult just like the JW's so making snide remarks about my moment in history does not offend me because I really don't give a rats ass.

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