We are a Return Visit for the Mormans

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Wow! You're all wonderful! I have a ton of ammunition now. They are not coming back till next Sunday. I plan to tell them that I have no interest in pursuing our discussions further. I think Clyde feels the same way although he might play along for awhile.

    I really think Ray Franz has the right idea. His relationship with God is personal. He doesn't belong to any organized religion, but he likes to talk with people of different religions. I know I would never join another church unless the church allowed freedom of thought and expression and if they truly cared about one another. I really don't care much any more about doctrine.

    I do miss the commeraderie that I used to feel as a JW, the feeling of being "right", and mostly I miss my daughter, my niece, and a few of my cousins. I'm not DF'd but am treated almost as if I were. My father even turned against me so much so that he signed his property over to my daughter and her husband. That's a long long story, and I will tell it someday when I can handle it emotionally.

    Thanks again for your interest.


  • Jim_TX

    Here locally (San Antonio, TX) the Mormons completed the construction on what they call a 'temple'.
    My cousin and aunt wanted me to go to the 'open house' - and I agreed to - with the stipulation that I wasn't interested in their religion.
    When we were driving about the neighborhood where the temple was, there was a group that was 'protesting' - and had a table set up with flyers that they were handing out. They were basically against the Mormons - _and_ JWs.
    My cousin was in the car with me and disgustedly made a comment about 'how could those people know anything about the Mormons' and 'people should get the information about the Mormons - from Mormons', etc.
    I commented that I thought it was a good idea that people were set up like that - it was a free country - and people could protest - if they wanted. If they stopped someone from getting involved with JWs - I was all for it!
    She just mumbled something and got quiet. I knew that my comments didn't sit too well with her.
    While visiting the 'temple', I learned something that was a bit disconcerting to me... and that is that if a Mormon family wants to - they can get 'baptized' (I believe that's the term) - in the name of an ancester - and be 'joined' to them - supposedly for when they die and go to heaven.
    Not sure that bit makes sense in type - but basically - if I understood it correctly - they can get great-grandmaw 'joined' to the Mormons - even after she's dead and long gone - even if she wasn't a Mormon - or didn't want anything to do with them.
    Of course... I saw it as a really cool con that the Mormons have figured out - cause you know that there is a 'fee' involved for this 'service'.


    Jim TX

  • JWdaughter

    In the Mormon Church, they do 'baptisms for the dead' which means that someone is baptised 'by proxy' for those who have passed on before, thus giving them the opportunity to accept the gospel. They belief that in the afterlife, they have the opporutnity to preach or be preached at about the gospel, and that since you MUST be baptised, that it is a loving provision by heavenly Father that all can come to Him. This is why the LDS_Latter Day Saints_church is so into geneology. Making sure that all their ancestors have the opp. to accept the gospel is all about the family cnnections that they do continually promote.

    I asked to be excommunicated and was never shunned. I do think it is a high control group, but I think that every church I have EVER observed that has any kind of actual interest in the members could be percieved that way. I have been to some where I am invisible from day one, and I know I could go there for years and no one would notice unless I made myself known, or signed up on a committee or something. Love bombing-forget about it!

    The tithing would bother me more except that it is in the bible, and I have seen churches that expect not only tithes, but a lot of 'gifts'. The tithe and fast offering are up front-they don't nickle and dime you constantly in addition to the tithing. Frankly, that church does a lot more to take care of its members than any other I have seen, so I personally don't hold the tithing against them as a teaching.

    I don't think those 19-21 year old boys have a clue about much, or instruction on how to brainwash you. They are not bible scholars, or BOM scholars, and don't really try to be, from what I see. They mostly go on " I know that the Book of Mormon is TRUE and that the Church is the restored church in these latter days(or something like that). " They aren't gonna wrestle the Word much.


  • Qcmbr

    I wish you really knew me - you would know that what has been said here is largely based on things that are not true or have been taken out of context.

  • lisavegas420

    From this site ....talking about their holy undergarments: http://molelog.molehill.org/blomt/archives/2003/05/mormon_garments.html

    A LDS Girl

    I am completely offended that you would post pictures of something sacred and special. The symbolism of the temple garment means a lot to me and I am terribly offended at this website. Obviously, I will not be returning. You should be so ashamed of yourself! This is not the least bit respectful.

    In the temple, as members of the church we make certain covenants (promises) with the Lord. The garment is a part of, and also, a reminder of some of those covenants. The symbols on them are reminders of specific parts of these covenants. (i.e. as mentioned above, the knee mark indicating that every knee shall bow) Nothing more, nothing less. Much of what is talked about (at least doctrinally) in the temple is contained in the LDS “standard works” or scriptures. A good place to look would be the book of moses from the pearl of great price. (Online at lds.org for the curious) The old and new testaments and the doctrine and covenants also have a lot of information that is taught in the temple.
    Of course, I was surprised to see Mormon underwear when I ventured onto this website. There are three symbols on this underwear which come directly from Freemasonry. The founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, sought to bring the purest form of masonism by combining its occultic practices with Christian names. Even the story of Smith finding the plates (which allegedly contained the original Book of Mormon) comes directly from masonic lore. The entire book of Mormon contains a plethora of masonic ideas. In Nauvoo, Smith made sure that the masonic lodge was finished before the temple. Upon his death at the Carthage Jail, one of the items found on him was a totem to the god Jupiter. All of these are verified truths from the LDS records themselves. Nowadays, Mormonism is modern-day Gnosticism just like the Watchtower is modern-day Arianism.
  • Qcmbr

    to openly mock is no virtue

  • ScoobySnax

    Qcmbr........ I wonder about you being on an ex-JW board. I mean , me being pro-JW here makes sense (to a degree) but an active Mormon?

    No offence intended.....but.......

  • BizzyBee

    Trying to understand - Qcmbr, are you Mormon?

  • mckay

    "to openly mock is no virtue"

    Normally I would agree but in this case the LDS or Mormons have mocked and degraded persons of any skin color but "white and delightsome" for most of the churches existence.

    A change was made in 1978 to finally allow Blacks into full fellowship or allowed to hold the LDS Priesthood but there still remained the residual effect among the "white and delightsome" members. I can't feel sympathy for them.


  • parakeet

    ***To openly mock is no virtue.***
    Yet you had no trouble writing this when I recommended to a poster a book about Mormom history by a respected author:
    ***I am Mormon Parakeet and you just talked out of your butt - for a start I don't have a gun (which is a shame because how else would I possibly get my extra wives or kill people when God commanded me - oops I'm spoiling Krackpot Krackys plot.) If you want to find out about anything I'd suggest avoiding airport lounge books as your primary source material.***
    Yes, Mormon virtue is really something to admire.

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