Was there anyone in your congregation that you couldn't get to like?

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  • JH

    I won't use the word "hate", but were there some in your congregation that you just couldn't get along with?

    I recall a brother in my congregation, he was single about 50 years old, and he never smiled, and seemed very rigid and he loved to criticize and say the opposite of everything I would say, when we talked together.

    I went to the mall a few weeks ago, and came face to face with him, and he totally ignored me. So, then I thought to myself, that maybe he is dfd. We didn't see each other since close to 10 years so I had no clue of his JW status. Then a few days later, I see him at Mcdonalds with an active brother, so then I knew he wasn't dfd.

    I never like that guy, and I'm sure he felt the same.

    I was just trying to imagine how I would react if I ever went back to the hall, and saw him. Would I shake his hand, or ignore him completely.

    Luckily I'll never find out.

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  • mariposa

    OH YEAH!!!

    There was this one girl about the same age who had been in the troof since birth. Her family was well known...brother at bethel..mom anointed etc...

    I couldn't stand her..all she tried to do was one-up me. Here I am this new worldy girl and all she could talk about was how she had done this one thing or another that was "Oh my, scandalous" like drink a few beers and a SHOT or dance with 3 different bethelites at the same dance.

    I was like girl - you have no idea what I've done or been through. But then that stuff doesn't account for anything cause I was in the world when it happened. She was so damn arrogant and this was a WITNESS!!! Big shocker, eh? I wish I could see her now. I'd love to go up to her and just give her a good smack right across the face.

  • jayhawk1

    I can't remember anybody that I had problems with on a human level, but there sure was many that was hard to get to know. I was probably one of the loneliest there, because after a handshake and a "Hi, how are you?" there was nothing left to say. I can't ever remember having a meaningful conversation either at the Kingdom Hall or in Service.

  • zeroday
    after a handshake and a "Hi, how are you?" there was nothing left to say. I can't ever remember having a meaningful conversation either at the Kingdom Hall or in Service.

    WOW, and I thought it was just me. Had an elder transfer into our congo. For a year and half never met the guy. Never said "HI" never tried to approach me to even see who I was. I thought that was odd considering he was sheparding the flock and was suppose to know it.

    Had another brother having martial problems, his wife was a nonbeliever. He was about to get kicked out of his house. He approaches the elders to see if someone could take him in. Being single myself an elder suggested he call me. Never knew the guy, not so much as a handshake. So he calls me and explains his situation, I tell him it would not be possible to accomate him at the end of the conversation he says to me, "Who are you anyway?"

  • zeroday

    I'm at a district convention sitting with a brother from another congo when another brother comes by and joins the conversation. He shakes my hand and introduces himself and says "What congregation are you from". I was in his congregation had been for 5 years.

  • Mulan

    There was a woman I couldn't stand. She was poor, so always expected others to pay for her, give her money or clothes, etc, she was not well groomed, always had dirty hair and talked incessantly about things I was not interested in. If I was assigned to be her householder, it suddenly became my job to help her write her talk. She would just show up at my house uninvited and expect me to drop everything and help her. She claimed to have a very high IQ, and may have but she seemed ignorant and stupid to me.

    I would see her coming and get in the shower. She was a pest and very irritating............and she is still a dub.

  • collegegirl21

    There's this brother in my congregation who never can just say hi, its always, "Hi there my inactive sister." "How come you aren't coming home from school more often?" (maybe because I live an hour and a half away) "Its nice to see you at this, I guess you do have some of sort respect for Jehovah." And I think to myself, if that is the attitude you are going to have, I don't want to come to the meetings at all. Asshole!

  • mkr32208

    You know what. Amazingly for me after I moved out of my parents house and came to Florida I never did!

    Plenty of dingbats growing up that I hated but once I became an 'adult' it just sorta faded! I'm actually really easy to get along with in 'RL'

  • jaded

    The worst one was the phony, two faced MS who would complain about the Elders to the other MS's while kissing the butts of the elders so he could be appointed. As soon as he was an elder he pretty much stopped talking to the MS's. What a hypocritical, conceited jerk. Oh, and he had recently been in trouble for not paying his taxes. Even lost his house. But as long as you kiss butt it is all good.

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