Pest Problems

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  • Bstndance

    Ah! So with the hot weather in So California, it's common to have ant problems. Well, last night I discovered a pest I never imagined. Around 7pm I heard a crash come from my kitchen. I ran over to inspect it and nothing seemed out of place. About 15 mins later, I heard another crash. I ran back and heard scratching coming from one of my cabinets. I thought, "oh jeez, rats". I started to make a plan when I heard something that sounded like wings flapping and come "cooing". It was a pigeon!!! There's a vent that goes through one of my cabinets and I guess it wasn't hooked up right and the pigeon fell from the roof into my kitchen cabinet.

    I called the manager who sent over someone to help catch it. In the process it flew all over the place. It was so strange. What's the strangest pest you've had in your house?

  • Confession

    A few times since my youth, we've had a bat get in. Pretty freaky that. And I know what you mean about ants in SoCal. Our infestation happened from about February through early May. In Michigan I used to use Terro--and that worked great. Here? They just kept coming and coming and coming. Spraying was what eventually zapped 'em.

  • Confession

    Oh, and I also had a bird get in through a vent--but it was my dryer vent. It ended up actually in the inner workings of the dryer itself. The stench was from Mars.

  • anewme

    One hot summer night we left a back window open that did not have a screen.

    In the middle of the night we were awakened by a crash.

    To our surprise a ferral cat had come in through that window and now could not remember how to get out.

    For quite a few moments we watched as it literally "flew" about the house in a frantic search for a way out. It hit the ceiling a few times even!! It was crazy to find an exit. We opened all the doors we could to help it get out. In the ruckus it knocked over lamps, magazines, etc. It was a wild time we will never forget!

  • parakeet

    Over the years, one bat, several snakes, earwigs (ugh!), and many ants.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    4 rattle snakes, Killed them! 1 possum Killed him, another I let go, MANY spiders Always kill them, sorry but if you don't belong in my house I will kill you. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • parakeet

    Oh, I forgot. A few JWs from time to time, too. Very difficult to get completely rid of them.

  • damselfly

    A bat! I freaked out about the cats getting rabies, so while my boyfriend screamed like a little girl, I scooped the cats up and ran them upstairs to lock them in the bedroom. I ran back downstairs past the boyfriend who's still freaking out and the bat is missing from the living room. I search the entire room and then spot the vent in the ceiling. ARGH! I run back upstairs to the bedroom and my cat is proudly standing over the dead bat. *sigh*

    To toughen the boyfriend up, I made him pick the bat up and get rid of it ;D

    Dams (never gonna go to Andre's house)

  • mandivided
    I agree on both points...First it's as hot as hell here in So. California....I moved here 4 months ago and I think that the "awesome weather" thing is a myth to lure unsuspecting east coasters out here....and I spilled a little soda in my room last night, woke up to ants EVERYWHERE. A little clorox though and the problem was solved.
  • stevenyc

    I had an 18 inch gecko living in my wardrobe. Although I wouldn't call him a pest. He'd sing at night, and eat all the bugs.


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