Are the Mosquitos out of control this year in your area???/

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    They are the size of teradactyles this year here - due to the frequent, almost tropical climate this summer here. Thousands would be an understatement of facts - millions is more like it - and I am only talking about my back yard.

    We had to go and buy some heavy duty pet/livestock potion for the pooch, who is tethered while we work on dry days. She has been hiding in her house most of the time.

    Anyone got a good mosquito recipe? If we could just eat 'em we could save on the groceries.

    I need a few of these - I understand they eat a portion equal to body weight each day.


  • Satanus

    Nope. Ours are as well badly behaved as usual, taking only the usual amounts of blood. Perhaps it's a local anomally that will pass.


  • Warlock

    Eat LOTS of garlic. You won't be able to talk to anyone, but the mosquitos will leave you alone (along with everyone else).


  • morty

    I hear ya jeff....

    We have them the size of bears this year...It is a pain in the a$$ when you cannot even have BBQ outside cause the damn moisquitos are carrying away our dinner!!

    We have almost given up...In fact, when we dart out the door to get the dog to the park ( cause we cannot walk him on our own steet) we have to plaster him in mosquito killer as well...the poor thing gets bit more then we do...

    I am starting to believe good old Noah took more then 2 damn mosuitos into that ark!!!

  • mrsjones5

    This year has been way better than last year. Right in back of our house is a big retention pond and the HOA just restocked it with mosquito eating fish. Only bad thing is people who should know better (other homeowners in this development) have been going back there and fishing. I'm going to start taking pictures.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    We are near water - in fact a swampy area of sorts is just adjacent to our property. We have been here for three summers now - never had any problem till this summer in daylight hours. This year the little buggers are waiting ambush in direct sunlight.

    It hasn't gone more than two days in row without rain for a month. They are busy sexin, eggin, and hatchin I spo'se.


  • poppers

    I've had ONE bite this year from them. Rain has been so scarce that they aren't breeding like in years past. I haven't mowed my lawn since the middle of June because the grass no longer grows, it's just brown. Usually I need to mow every three days. I live in Wisconsin.

    Eat LOTS of garlic. You won't be able to talk to anyone, but the mosquitos will leave you alone (along with everyone else).

    This is what my uncle used to do and he never had problems getting bitten, while everyone else around him was being siphoned to near death.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    In Winnipeg mosquitos literally swarmed us as we ran down the middle of the road. The city fogs regularly and the protesters protest regularly Winnipeg has two rivers, the Red and the Assiniboine plus plenty of creeks. If I hadn't been running from them myself I would not believe it.It was so bad I gave up cycling.

    Here in Ottawa I have had one bite so far. Ottawa has two rivers, the Ottawa and the Rideau, plenty of creeks and a canal. There is water everywhere but few mosquitoes.

  • DesertRat

    Some people might not think of desert areas as synonymous with mosquitoes, but every summer we are warned about the dangers of standing water (pet dishes, poorly-maintained swimming pools, etc.). The rate of West Nile virus has also increased over the past two or three years. So far this year I have heard of three human cases in this vicinity, & one death in Maricopa County (Phoenix area).

    I don't usually have a problem as I live in an apartment complex with desert landscaping all around


  • JH

    We had many mosquitoes in May and beginning of June, more than last year. Now, it's back to normal, and can't say that I see many. I think its the abundant rain we had in the spring that caused this.

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