Schwarzenegger Joins Sierra Club In Fighting Oil Drilling!!!

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    I think Maria Shiver is having too much of an impact on Governor Windsock. It's too bad there isn't a decent third party to vote for in California. Nothing would give me more please than to through my vote away on one of them.

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Yep, when the people in California get enough of 3 or 4 dollar a gallon gas they may end up recalling him like they did the last governor....


    When you go to the coast and can't see anything but an oil slick and the ocean life is destroyed...will you wish then (which will be too late?) that you had voted for or at least tried another way???

    Look what's happening in Alaska as we speak? Remember when the oil companies PROMISED this would NEVER HAPPEN????? Do you still believe them????


  • Tigerman

    I live on Florida's gulf coast and we have some of the world's most beautiful beaches, " sugar sand " as it is often called. People come here from Texas and Louisiana ( to name two place with beaches ) in order to get away from their highly polluted coasts . . .coasts where the sand and water is dark brown from oil; water where there are " dead zones, " where Nothing lives.

    I say keep the oil rigs away from this area. And I don't care if I have to pat $6.00/$ 7.00 a gallon for gas, it's worth every penny to save what we have left of "Real life."

    It seems to me that some of our political representatives have lost track of life's priorities.

  • MinisterAmos

    Keep in mind that $200 barrel oil is not going to affect Arnold's lifestyle.

    Those of you calling for $5-6-7 per gallon gas are going to get your wish one day. The REAL result is not just that we'll all be more inclined to bike to work, the real result is that prices of everything that must be transported will rise by a minimum of 20% and probably more.

    Your heating and cooling bill will double at minimum.

    Your grocery bill will resemble your mortgage payment especially for frozen foods

    You won't be able to give away the SUV you paid $40,000 for.

    School taxes and your property bill will jump because of transportation and maintenance costs

    Your suburban McMansion that you have a $400,000 loan on will drop in value by 30% because nobody can afford to commute.

    Think about what you are asking for because it's all inter-connected

  • MinisterAmos

    Why Arnold doesn't just ask the Mommies to let their kids take the bus to school I'll never know. I bet that would result in a 15% reduction in fuel usage and lessen the urgency of exploration by itself.

    Not sure if the rest of you folks live in a place where the impact of mommies in the morning is quite as evident as it is here, but I immediately saw the bottle-neck created by the moms when school started last week.

    The afternoon pick up is even worse. The moms form a single file line (idling with A/C running no doubt) that stretches from the entrance to the middle school for a distance of at least a half mile

  • Stephanus
    When you go to the coast and can't see anything but an oil slick and the ocean life is destroyed

    What strange oil companies you must have! Here I was thinking that these guys make profits by drilling for, then extracting and selling oil. Your oil companies seem to be spilling it all everywhere and watching it go down the drain.

    Do you seriously think they'd let that happen? At current prices, every drop is precious. They'd much rather be putting that oil through a refinery, than on a baby seal!

    Methinks you've seen too many episoeds of Captain planet...


    California on brink of global warming breakthrough

    By Mary Milliken Thu Aug 17, 12:53 PM ET

    California is forging ahead with the most aggressive U.S. program to reduce global warming -- a plan that pits Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger against fellow Republican George W. Bush.

    Both the governor and his state's Democratic-led legislature want to make California -- the world's eighth largest economy -- a model to follow with caps in greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. president rejects.

    State politicians still are hammering out differences over the proposed Global Warming Solutions Act. If passed, it is likely to play a role in November's vote for governor and in national politics for years to come.

    Schwarzenegger -- branded "very green for a Republican" by the conservation group Sierra Club -- became an overnight hero for environmentalists a year ago by setting a goal to cut California's emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

    More recently, he accused fellow Republicans in Washington of lacking leadership on the environment as he signed a global warming accord with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    "We have a pretty brave governor who feels we should take the lead," said Linda Adams, a Democrat Schwarzenegger chose to run California's Environmental Protection Agency.

    The Democrats say their bill gives the governor's 2020 target "teeth" with an enforceable cap on emissions and mandatory reporting for top polluters like energy companies.

    If Schwarzenegger vetoes the bill because he wants a more business-friendly version, then the Democrats can use it against him in his reelection bid.

    "Given that he has staked a large part of his reelection plea on his environmental record, I don't think he is in a position to veto this bill," said Bill Magavern of the Sierra Club in Sacramento.

    Schwarzenegger practiced his balancing act while campaigning on Wednesday by saying the bill will be a "compromised version."

    "Some environmentalists will say 'this is not perfect' and there will be other people in the business community who will say 'this is not perfect'."


    California is an environment-savvy state where being green wins votes. But it is also the world's 12th largest emitter of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide. It faces environmental and health disasters with warmer temperatures.

    Meanwhile, the population is projected to grow from 35 million today to 55 million in 2050.

    The California Chamber of Commerce and business groups say the global warming bill is bad for the economy because it will drive up energy prices and send companies running to less regulated places -- similar arguments used by Bush to pull out of the 160-nation Kyoto Protocol to reduce global warming.

    EPA secretary Adams is pushing for a more market-based bill to give business tools to meet goals with "no intent to let any sector or company off the hook."

    She believes "chances are very high" Democrats will pass a bill the governor can sign by the end of session on August 31.

    Bill co-sponsor and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who is working for the election of Schwarzenegger's opponent Phil Angelides, denied playing politics with the environment by putting the incumbent on the spot before the election.

    "We will send a bill he can sign and we want to champion it across the country," said Nunez, who predicted no Republican member of the California legislature would vote in favor. And that momentum, Nunez said, could help the Democrats in 2008.

    "I think the 2008 presidential election will be won or lost on environmental degradation and new thinking on the environment," said Nunez.

  • Arthur
    I think Maria Shiver is having too much of an impact on Governor Windsock.

    It's funny how "Mr. Muscleman" has turned into the very thing that he accused the CA legislators of being: A Girly Man.

    Perhaps Maria has put his testicles into a lock box for safe keeping.

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